Aylesbury Estate, one of London’s biggest public housing estates, was built in the 1960’s over the ruins of the older council houses in South-East London and is now going through another major change. Carlotta Berti offers an intimate and deep portrait of a resistant community, showing from within the struggle that residents are fighting to defend their houses from property speculation.


International title:

Directed by: Carlotta Berti
Festival Section: Italian Competition


Date: 18/11/2020
Venue: Mymovies
Time: 15:00


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Carlotta Berti

Carlotta Berti was born in Florence, Italy. She holds a Masters in Political Sciences and Economics from the  University of Glasgow and has worked as a policy advisor in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural  Affairs. In 2018 she earned a Diploma in Directing Documentary from the Italian Film School (Centro  Sperimentale di Cinematografia). Her first feature Aylesbury Estate was presented as a rough cut at the  Sheffield Doc/Fest and at the Popoli Film Festival in 2019. She is currently undertaking a practice-based Ph.D.  in Documentary Cinema and Visual Culture at the University of Palermo.