Presso Spazio Ottagono delle Murate (Piazza delle Murate, Firenze) FREE ENTRY Last entry 6.30pm

Over the past few years, Virtual and Augmented Reality have become new ways for humankind to approach the world. Festival dei Popoli invites you to try VR and AR technologies, asking a few crucial questions: what is the challenge they pose to the world of documentary film-making? And to humankind in ts relationship with the real?

In collaboration with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini e Gold

➤ Here is the full programme:

ACCUSED NUMBER 2: WALTER SISULU by Nicolas Champeaux, Gilles Porte France, 2019, 15’

The true recordings of the trial against Mandela and his co-workers are animated and projected in VR.

*** A BAR AT THE FOLIES-BERGÈRE by Gabrielle Lissot France, 2018, 6’

Going to the Folies Bergère in Paris along with Manet and making eye contact with enigmatic Suzon.

*** BAUHAUS IN BAVARIA by Stefan Goeppel, Andrea Zimmermann Germany, USA, 2019, 11’

From building plans to structure: Gropius’s architecture unraveled by VR.


BEING AN ASTRONAUT 1 & 2 by Jürgen Hansen, Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff France, Germany, 2016, 32’

1) THE TRAINING Houston: the training and preparation of the astronauts heading for outer space. 2)THE MISSION The dream comes true: the departure from and arrival to the ISS, the International Space Station.


BEYOND THE WALL by Mikkel Christensen, Mikkel Keldorf Denmark, 2017, 7’

Those who flee from Honduras are running from death, but the wall built by the US may force them to stay


DENOISE by Federico Biasin, Giorgio Ferrero Italy, Switzerland, 2017, 13’

The sound, noise, and silence in fascinating places are made accessible through VR. REFRAME SAUDI by Matteo Lonardi UK, 2014, 14’

Saudi artists use art to move borders and redefine freedoms in a wonderful, complex country.

*** ROOMS by Christian Zipfel Germany, 2018, 23’

Rooms are seen as independent cultural universes where the bodies adjust to implicit, compelling rules.

*** THE LEAP – INSIDE ARCHITECT DORTE MANDRUP’S MIND by Niels Bjørn, Ane Skak Denmark, 2019, 21’

What do the eyes of an architect see when they design buildings in a natural environment to be respected?


THE RAIN THAT IS FALLING NOW WAS ALSO FALLING BACK THEN b yChristian Zipfel Germany, Romania, 2019, 38’

Three inmates, the jail that detains them, and the burden of the crime confessed in front of the camera.


THE REAL THING by Mathias Chelebourg, Benoit Felici Francia, 2018, 16’

Paris, Venice, and London: three almost perfect copies from the other side of the world.


VR FREE by Milad Tangshir Italy, 2019, 10’

VR bridges the gap between the jail and the world outside: virtual fragments of freedom regained.


WHISPERS by Patryk Jordanowicz, Jacek Nagłowski Poland, 2019, 21’

Religion and magic are intertwined in a village at the borders between Poland and Ukraine.


CHRONICLES OF A VANISHED CITY (interactive doc) by Jorge Caballero Colombia, 2019, 10’

A vanished Bogota that you can walk about thanks to journalist and writer Ximénez’s chronicles