Florence 10th - 17th November 2012

International documentary film festival

Andrés Di Tella: Filmmaker in Focus

The complete retrospective - for the first time in Italy - dedicated to the film director Andrés di Tella, is one of the leading events of the 53rd edition of Festival dei Popoli. Di Tella is one of the most representative filmmakers of contemporary Argentinean cinema. His name is among the founders of the BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente). Di Tella shows through his films his deep knowledge of history and culture of his country. Films that offer to the viewer a "paths in knowledge" in an attempt to find traces of the dialogue that the present weaves with our past, both individual and collective. Travels, meetings and testimonies in a narrative full of exciting and mysterious implications. Di Tella's latest film, Hachazos - that is about his close friendship with Claudio Caldini ("secret filmmaker", author of brilliant but misunderstood works) will have its Italian premiere in Florence, together with the other seven works that make up his filmography. The retrospective is organized in collaboration with INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales).

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