Florence 10th - 17th November 2012

International documentary film festival


Tuesday, March the 20th, 8.30 pm, ODEON FIRENZE

GIRL MODEL, by Ashley Sabin and David Redmon
(Russia/Japan/France 2011-77') - original version with Italian subtitles

Nadya is a thirteen years old from Siberia, who grew up in very low economic conditions. One day she decides to participate in a casting for models hoping to get a job that would give her a better life. She is chosen by an agency that works for Japan. In Japan the fashion models have to be very young and skinny, and she possesses the necessary characteristics. Nadya goes to Japan with the promise of two engagements while in reality she will be used for photos that will never be paid. Indeed, increasingly, the agency will boast a claim against her.

The screening will be introduced by: Danilo Venturi, professor at Polimoda.

Piazza Strozzi, Florence

Full prize € 6 / € 5 with discount*
*Discounts: "Carta Più", Students, "Over 60 Carta Argento", Controradio Club, MyMovies Card, Soci G.U.S, Soci Arci, Pergola Card.

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