Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival


9 pm

Dal Profondo
by Valentina Pedicini

Italy, 2013, 72’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. Sub.

Every day, 150 men and 1 woman go 500 metres under the sea level to mine coal until they decide they do not want to come back to the world of the living and stay where we think the dead go. Valentina Pedicini captures the uncertain time of an extreme protest and represents the intimacy of the characters with a very refined underground tale containing old and modern aspects. And it’s from the deep where we can listen to a touching and complete discourse on the interaction between men and women.

With the director in-person

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10:30 pm

Let the Fire Burn
di Jason Osder

USA, 2013, 95’, o.v. Ita. sub.

In 1972 John Africa founded the MOVE, a black liberation group, with a communitarian life-style and a radical back-to-nature message and the refusal technology. On May 13th, 1985, the tension between the city of and MOVE came to a deadly climax.
By order of local authorities, police dropped military-grade explosives onto a MOVEoccupied rowhouse. TV cameras captured the conflagration that quickly escalated and resulted in the tragic deaths of eleven people (including five children). It was only later discovered that authorities decided to “...let the fire burn.”

With the participation of Paolo Bertella Farnetti - author of: Pantere nere. Storia e mito del Black Panther Party (ShaKe)

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