Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival


3 pm

Kitty, Kitty
by Paweł Łoziński

Poland, 2008, 27’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Kitty, Kitty is a portrait in four seasons of four different women who share a passion. Night and day, in their fur or worn-out clothes, the ladies never miss the opportunity to take care of “their” stray cats and thus find an answer to their loneliness. Once again, P. Łozinski directs his gaze onto the “other side of the street” and finds out apparently non-meaningful lives that are elevated to a metaphor of contemporary living.

With the director in-person

by Paweł Łoziński

Poland, 2009, 58’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

One of the characters says: “Everybody has had flu sometime, the difference is that ours is terribly complicated.” This paradoxical sentence may reveal the meaning of this both intimate and passionate film that is filled with life and hope. In the background, a hospital ward where chemotherapy sessions are performed, in the foreground the chatting patients who get their story across, and thus show their attachment to life.

With the director in-person

5 pm

One Cup of Turkish Coffee
by Nazli Eda Noyan, Dağhan Celayir

Turkey/France, 2013, 9’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

In this animated documentary, an old woman and her granddaughter sit around a table drinking a cup of Turkish Coffee and go through old family photographs. Although this old woman, at first, tries to resist looking at these pictures, she cannot resist what the past evokes.

The Freak
by Erol Mintaş, Taylas Mintaş

Turkey, 2012, 20’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Statue of Humanity is a statue, made with reinforced concrete, demolished by the Turkish authorities before it was finished. It was blamed for portraying two huge figures in the process of exchanging a handshake on top of a hill on the border between Turkey and Armenia. Or maybe it’s Art that can never subordinate itself to politics.

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by Ercan Orhan

Turkey, 2013, 32’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

The pain of an elderly Kurdish woman forced to live far from her village after the death of her son and husband. A pain expressed in the stories and the memories, while working in the fields and talking to nature. A small and touching portrait of a simple and strong woman, able to keep alive the memory, because you feel defeated not by the death but by the oblivion.

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Following: meeting with Necati Sonmez (director of Documentarist – Istanbul Documentary Days) and Cemre Ceren Asarli (vice-director of Documentarist – Istanbul Documentary Days)

6:30 pm

Master of the Universe
by Marc Bauder

Germany/Austria, 2013, 90’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Marc Bauder meets Rainer Voss, until a few years ago one of the “Masters of the Universe”, a broker hired by banks and investment firms that deal with and exchange money for hundreds of millions of Euros per day. Inside a building that could be the headquarters of a bank, almost like you were inside the belly of a powerful and invisible monster, Bauder interview Voss who, with care and precision, describes what he has seen in his years right inside that monster.

With the participation of Maurizio Ricci - journalist “La Repubblica”

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9:30 pm


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