Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival


12 am

by Sebastian Mez

Germany, 2013, 84’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

In 1957, in a remote area of the southern Urals region (at that time part of the USSR), a nuclear explosion contaminated a vast area. Today, after decades and other accidents and irresponsible management of facilities and waste, the contaminated area measures 20,000 km2. The film builds up a portrait of the lives of people who, abandoned to themselves, they still live today along the Tetcha river, in the middle of a placid radioactive hell. A cinematic experiment, of great rigor, that uses highly original visual solutions to make the invisible visible.

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3 pm

Quand Passe le Train
by Jérémie Reichenbach

France, 2013, 30’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

A group of women throws essential supplies to those migrants who leave Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala clandestinely, crossing the border on freight trains, often on the top of those trains. These women violate the law, because even in Mexico helping illegal immigrants is a crime, but they are glad to help people they don’t know, without any potential personal profit,
making the most of their sense of solidarity.

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Lewa Połowa Twarzy (Left Side of the Face)
by Marcin Bortkiewicz

Poland, 2013, 12’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

The photographic project that Leszek Krutulski is conducting since 2010 contemplates that he will take a shot of a number of subjects in his itinerant photo studio. During the first session he takes a picture, in the foreground, of only the left side of the subject’s face. In ten years, the photographer will proceed to photograph the right side. While we wait for the camera shooting, we listen to the conversation with the models posing, we listen to their reflections and questions.

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Lettre à la Mer
by Renaud Perrin, Julien Telle

France/Spain, 2013, 5’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. Sub.

At the end of the Spanish Civil War, two hospital ships stand off Marseille shores hosting hundreds of wounded people coming from the frontline searching for refuge in France. Three hundred letters were sent to those people, but they would never be delivered. They will be later found, decades after, in an archive in Bouches-du-Rhône (France). Drawing inspiration from these precious documents, the two filmmakers shot an original animated documentary using stop-motion and one of the simplest materials: water.

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4 pm

La Parka
by Gabriel Serra

Mexico, 2013, 29’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Details of metallic machinery, cages, mechanisms. A cold and swift repetitive movement. Animal bodies, one after another, alternating, they can also be recognized thanks to some details: a back, a tail; the representation of a slaughter house and of a consciousness, the one of a man who has been working there for years. Words and images become a flow of thoughts on life and death, on aspirations, disappointments, traumas and dreams.

With the director of the photography in-person

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5 pm

Sto Pharmakeio
by Myrna Tsapa

Greece, 2013, 41’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

The meticulous daily life in a pharmacy in Athens, from 2010 to 2012, during the crisis that grips the Greek society. Through the dialogues between the owner, the employee and the few customers, we sense the escalation of the drama that takes place outside, with an every day more significant impact on ordinary lives. Without ever leaving the small local pharmacy, the film manages to tell an atmosphere and a condition common in Greece today.

With the director in-person

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6 pm

Alba de un Recuerdo
by Camila Rodríguez Triana

Colombia, 2013, 15’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Alba is a 75 years old woman who lives alone in the present time but lives in the company of his daughter Alai in the time of memory, which never leaves her. Everyday objects, children’s drawings, old toys accompany Alba in a continuous journey between the present and the past that is still alive.

With the director in-person

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6:30 pm

Costa da Morte
by Lois Patiño

Spain, 2013, 81’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Costa da morte is a Galician region in Spain and, during the Roman Empire, was considered as the place where the world ends. It is a location in which the earth, the sky and the rocks dominate the landscape. Its inhabitants seem immersed in a sort of eternity in which life is directly bound to the place. How to film this environment and its inhabitants? How to film this life? the film works on those question by making, take after take, an animated portrait of time and space, of bodies and territory being able to create animated portraits, full of life and time.

With the director in-person

9 pm

ÖDLAND - Damit Keiner Das So Mitbemerkt
(Wasteland - So that no one becomes aware of it)
by Anne Kodura

Germany, 2013, 79’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

In the outskirts of a German town, between passing sheep and an old Soviet military base turned into a housing project, where the buses only come three times a day, Aya, Momo and Mustafa, three children of families who have taken refuge in Germany, spend their summer. Between freedom and restrictions, between desires for a better future and the uncertainty of the present, between play with friends and the threat of being repatriated at any time, these children could not do other than live in a suspended time and in an uncertain world.

With the director in-person

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10:30 pm

Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance
by Mark Kidel

UK/France, 2013, 90’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Elvis Costello is one of the undisputed geniuses in the world of rock. The film shows him around Liverpool, London, New York, and back to the places that have marked his life and his musical training. The artist reveals his sensitivity and his own musical path: the band of the early years, the collaborations with Paul Mc-Cartney, Burt Bacharach and Allen Toussaint, the images of the video clips that have marked the history of the (video) music.

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