Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival

Programme Saturday, November 30th, 8:00 pm Cinema Odeon

Anything Can Happen
by Marcel Łoziński

Poland, 1995, 39', o.v. ita sub / eng. sub

A child is running in a park. Amazed, he stops in front of a peacock, watches plants and flowers enthusiastically. A little farther, a few elderly people are sitting on the benches scattered among the trees, resting. The child gets closer to the couples, those absorbed in reading, and melancholy, lonely women and men. Each encounter makes way for some exchange on equal terms, some discussion of the most varied subjects, such as the war, the disappointment in a spent long life, or the hopes of those who still believe anything can happen – meet a dinosaur, or live for six hundred years. Maybe defeat death.

With the director in-person

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