Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival


3 pm

How It’s Done
by Marcel Łoziński

Poland, 2006, 90’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

The title could sound as both a question and an answer, because the film is the analytic result of a lengthy, thorough observation of one of the darkest areas of any western, democratic society: the dynamics that run the process of selection of the ruling class. M. Łozinski proves the consistence, but also the evolution, of his working method: he updates an approach that was tailored to expose how propaganda worked in the People’s Republic of Poland, but can still very well cope, after forty years, with the dictatorship of communication.

With the director in-person



6:30 pm

89 mm From Europe
by Marcel Łoziński

Poland, 1993, 11’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

Trains travel on 1435 mm-wide rails in Europe, whereas the rails all over the territory of the former Soviet Union are 1524 mm wide. The difference measures 89 mm. M. Łozinski places his camera in the exchange station where the undercarriages are adjusted to the differing measures of the rails: this stretch of the border where the separation of two regions is a material, technical issue is both a break point and a
joining link.

With the director in-person

9 pm

Ciò Che Mi Nutre Mi Distrugge
by Ilaria de Laurentiis and Raffaele Brunetti

Italy, 2013, 75’, o.v. Ita. sub. / Eng. sub.

“I am the problem”, one the protagonists of this film says. The film is a touching collection gathering from an unusual distance the faces, the shapes, the gestures and the words of four struck and wounded women sitting in front of a psychotherapist willing to fight and defeat Bulimia, the self-hatred disease with them.

With the director in-person

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