Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival


5:30 pm

La Zone: Au Pays des Chiffoniers
by Georges Lacombe

France, 1928, 35’, without dialogues

A day in the “zone”, the bidonville located between Paris and its banlieue, mostly inhabited by ragmen who try to survive by rummaging through trash cans from the crack of dawn. Between realism and poetry, La Zone is one of the first films focusing on life at the margins of society which opens a bitter window on an unusual and unknown side of Paris, far from the promenades in the grands boulevards and from the bourgeoisie of the capital.

Les Halles
by Boris Kaufman, André Galitzine

France, 1928, 22’, without dialogues

During the Twenties, Les Halles, the central market in the heart of Paris, censure food supplies to the French capital. This document, shot at night and recently found in its original version, gives a precious perspective of the lively activities in a place crowded with men, animals and machines working in what once was the biggest market in Paris that does not exist anymore.

6:30 pm

La Vie Réelle (Sans Défense)
by Arnaud Gerber

France, 2013, 70’, o.v. Eng. sub.

In 1934, driven by her urge to get to know the conditions of the working class and inspired by her natural sense of empathy and solidarity towards the most oppressed, the French philosopher Simone Weil decided to dive into the “real life”, the factory life, touching the sense of suffering, humiliation and alienation of the human dignity of a worker with her own hand. In fifteen stations, as in the Way of the Cross, La Vie Réelle tells the experience noted down in the letters and notes by the philosopher, evoking the pain, the oppression and the suffering of the individual in a modern society driven by business and technology. A very good example of that situation is La Défense, the commercial soul of Paris.

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