Florence November 30th – December 7th 2013

International documentary film festival


5:30 pm

La Traversée du Grépon
by André Sauvage

France, 1923, 7’, without dialogues

André Sauvage and his companions decide to climb the Grépon, the bestknown of the Aiguilles de Chamonix, in the Alps. With his camera, Sauvage documents the difficult undertaking, showing also his strong passion for the mountains. “The deepest perception of the mountains begins where intelligence stops.” (A. Sauvage)

Edouard Goerg à Cély
by André Sauvage

France, 1928, 15’, without dialogues

During a visit of the Sauvage family to the painter and sculptor Edouard Goerg (1893-1969), André Sauvage makes this short fiction film which was never distributed. With sharp irony, the film shows Edouard Goerg in the role of an exuberant misogynist and Sauvage in the role of his cousin.
With Edouard Goerg and André Sauvage

André Sauvage’s Sound Tests for Pivoine Déménage
France, 1929, 1’, o.v.

In front of the camera, thirty centimeters from the microphone, André Sauvage reads a text concerning the new regulations on pedestrian crossing in Paris.

Pivoine Déménage
by André Sauvage

France, 1929, 17’, without dialogues

Pivoine is a 55-year-old clochard who lives on the riverside near Notre-Dame. Macaroni and Georgette are his companions in misfortune. Tired of the insults of passers-by and of the children throwing stones, Pivoine decides to move. Pivoine is played by Michel Simon (in one of his very first roles), Macaroni (the clochard’s young hairdresser) by René Lefebre and Georgette (queen of clochards) by Line Noro.
With Michel Simon, Line Noro and Réné Lefebre

Jeux des Reflets et de la Vitesse
by Henri Chomette

France, 1926, 6’, without dialogues

Starting with light and geometrical forms plays, we are projected at a high speed through a tunnel leading to the tracks of an underground line which, during the day and travelling at full speed, goes around Paris, its galleries and stations. On the métro and, after a quick change of perspective, on a bateau, the city becomes a dynamic symphony multiplying the effects of reflections, rhythms and, with them, the potential of the human eye.

6:30 pm

Le Sommeil de la Foule
by Cyprien Leduc, Antoine Janot

France, 2003, 73’, o.v. Eng. sub.

Le Sommeil de la foule is an urban symphony of our time, a journey through the core of the Parisian underground, through its plays of light and shade and its fading effects, through the flow of bodies which give life to it. The Paris Métro shows itself in its hidden corridors where different spaces, people, lives, lights and sounds come together. It is a dream made of details of bodies, objects, reflections, spaces and colors which mix together in the harmonious rhythm of this artificial labyrinth.

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