Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival


A film by Pawel Lozinski (Poland, 2014, 46’)
Spazio Alfieri - 3.00 pm
What are the limits of personal sacrifice? The film tells the story of a match factory worker who takes up a remarkable challenge. We observe several crucial months in her life, as she attempts to turn her dreams into reality. It's the story of extraordinary transformation. About love that gives her life meaning.

A film by Jos de Putter (The Netherlands, 2006, 55’)
Spazio Alfieri - 4.00 pm - with the director in-person
hese are 11 stories of lives that were irreversibly changed by a composition of Bob Dylan. This road movie, across the United States, highlights simple people, those who live at the margins, often disappointed with the American dream, but never broken or dejected. Somewhere a song resounds and offers a glimmer, brightening the day, giving it meaning, and returning its value. The power and miracle of poetry set to music.

A film by édric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz (France, 2014, 54’)
Spazio Alfieri - 5.30 pm
Along the Ganges river they are getting ready for the Sonepur Fair. Men with mustaches debate on the speed of their horses; young skinny kids build stages and cages while others take care of their acrobatic bikes; dancers wear makeup and exercise, with colorful costumes. All around: the feverish tingling of the crowds. 
A film with the pace and the shape of ecstasy: faces illuminated by the excitement, and bodies moved by the frenzy of the euphoria.

A film by Ascan Breuer (Austria, 2014, 40’)
Spazio Alfieri - 6.45 pm
Ascan Breuer tells his journey to track down the origins of his family. He is a young German citizen exploring the island of Java, its culture, its traditions, its ghosts. Soon the journey becomes searching and searching becomes a real investigation. The suspense takes the documentary towards the paranormal thriller.

A film by Fabian Kaiser (Switzerland, 2014, 11' 
Spazio Alfieri - 6.45 pm
Deep in the belly of a maze made of dark tunnels and crowded with machineries move a group of men of a mysterious special team. In this short film, the objective recording of an ordinary activity is transformed into a vision that echoes the narrative codes and the pop iconography of the science fiction cinema of the 70s.

A film by Mattia Colombo (Italy, 2014, 59')
Spazio Alfieri - 8.30 pm- with the director in-person and Erri De Luca
“Seest thou aught?” asked Jesus to the miraculously-cured person who had his sight restored for the first time. “And he looked up and said, I see men; for I behold them as trees, walking”. Alberi che camminano is the beautiful film made by Mattia Colombo and written along with Erri De Luca, who also serves as narrator. An ancient bond unites man to wood. The walking trees are a young woodcutter, a luthier, a sculptor, a naval engineer, and an old partisan.

A film by Alain Margot (Switzerland, 2014, 95')
Spazio Alfieri - 10.00 pm
Oksana Shachko is a Femen. The film offers a multi-faceted portrait of the young woman, uncovering the dreamer, the impassioned militant, and the sensitive artist. By observing the careful work that precedes all actions of protest, we understand the explosive force of the movement. This energy intervenes in the contemporary situation by way of well-studied actions and checkmates the obtuseness of the media.

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