Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival


A film by Nicole Vögele (Germany, 2014, 60’)
Odeon - 4.30 pm - with the director in-person and the film producer Elsa Kremser
Fog is a sort of impossible desire that generates an ‘other’ place. Nicole Vögele and Elsa Kremser made a powerful film bathed in a suspended atmosphere, rich in wonderful images. Within the dense, but intangible conglomeration of air and water wander several solitary existences: an astronomer, a musician, a sea captain. On one hand is nature. Its eyes can see what is invisible. On the other hand is man. In the fog as in dreams, he finds himself alone and helpless.

A film by Lucile Chaufour (France, 2014, 41’)
Odeon - 5.45 pm
Léone is a woman with an overwhelming vitality. Glowing, smiling, blonde: she is the soul of a small and crowded bistrot in the outskirts of Paris. Her son’s name is Patrick and she is very fond of him. The love between mother and child creates a visceral and permanent bond, however, excessive attentions from the mother could turn into a dead weight preventing the puppy to become independent.

A film by Teresa Czepiec (Poland, 2014, 20’)
Odeon - 5.45 pm
The ‘machines for living in’, as Le Corbusier loved to define them, are huge blocks of concrete in which, in 15 floors, 3,000 people are housed. The most pure practice of forms, which almost does not contemplate errors, must face the stories of its inhabitants, their emotions, expectations, desires… and also the time passing by and the mutation of spaces.

A film by Azari Sanaz (Belgium, 2014, 50’)
Odeon - 7.00 pm
In order to learn modern Persian, one must become familiar with rounded and juicy sounds and learn to follow the dance of alphabet letters, which flow as quickly as musical notes on the blackboard and which only seem to obey Behrouz Majidi, the Farsi language teacher who welcomes the film director in his classroom. The director wants to rediscover the language of her forefathers, being aware that, for those living in exile, language remains the only connection with the lost motherland.

A film by Ossama Mohammed and Wiam Simav (France/Syria, 2014, 92’)
Odeon - 9.00 pm - The film will be commented by Domenico Quirico (Correspondant for "La Stampa")
n Paris, Ossama Mohammed, far from his troubled and horrified homeland, reflects on the videos from Syria that are posted every day on the Internet. What is pushing the young rebels to take a camera and film the death and the destruction surrounding them? What is pushing Hassan’s soldiers to film the beatings, the humiliation and the tortures to their prisoners? The communication with Simav, a young Kurdish woman living in Homs, becomes an intense and strong exchange of messages. Two friends holding their hands encouraging each other to bear this horror, to survive.

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