Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival


A film by Pavel Kostomarov, Aleksei Pivovarov e Aleksandr Rastorguev (Russia/Estonia, 2014, 83’)
Cinema Odeon, 3.30 pm - with Aleksandr Rastorguev in-person.

In 2012, Putin won his third term and the streets in Moscow filled with people, screams, banners, and actions of all kinds. Cross-media platforms were activated to collect visual materials representing several points of view of this huge, diverse protest. Politics, however, is just one of the places where the leaders of tomorrow are trained: they also cope with love, fear, and sorrow just like anybody else.

A film by MAFI Collective (Chile, 2014, 61’)
Cinema Odeon, 5.15 pm - with Israel Pimenten in-person.

The media throng of the Chilean presidential campaign of 2013 is filmed by a group of authors. The make-up, the songs, the advertisements, the posters, the smoke bombs, the flags make up the kit for the perfect electoral campaign, in which everything is soon unwrapped and wrapped again. Marketing guides body gestures and voices, promoting an approval/a disapproval which almost no longer goes through politics.

A film by Vincent Dieutre (France, 2013, 121’)
Cinema Odeon, 6.30 pm - with Vincent Dieutre in-person.

In 1975, Pasolini bitterly proclaimed the extinction of fireflies, symbolizing the pure and uncorrupt people, due to the birth of a new fascism originating the cultural and political death of the western world. After almost forty years, Dieutre lands in a Sicily marked by mafia, marginalities, homosexuality seen as a shame and the stories of migrants approaching Lampedusa and he will find right there a chance of survival and social reorganization. He will discover that fireflies have not already disappeared.

A film by Ognjen Glavonic’ (Serbia, 2014, 61’)
Cinema Odeon, 9.15 pm - with Ognjen Glavonic’ in-person.

Every year, Živan organizes a punk festival in his small rural village in Serbia. With a relentless enthusiasm and without any money he dedicates himself to organize an event that “in one hundred years, will be like Woodstock”. Every year, the outcome is a complete failure. Živan Makes a Punk Festival is a poetical biography - with some pinches of comedy - of a tragical Don Quixote, affected by a very dangerous illness: enthusiasm.

A film by Danny Garcia (Spain/UK, 2014, 98’)
Cinema Odeon, 22.30 pm - with Nina Antonia (official biographer of J. Thunders) e Fulvio Paloscia (Journalist) in-person.

Who was Johnny Thunders? The legendary guitarist of the New York Dolls and the Heartbreakers. He was the link between the rock music of the seventies and the glam-metal and punk scene until 1991, the year of his mysterious death allegedly by overdose. The film reveals us the true Johnny Thunders, beyond the reputation of a ‘damned rocker’, through interviews with friends and colleagues and numerous and unpublished archive material.

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