Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival

Saturday November 29th - PUNK NIGHT

Cinema Odeon

A film by Ognjen Glavonic’ (Serbia, 2014, 61’)
Cinema Odeon, 9.15 pm - with Ognjen Glavonic’ in-person.

Every year, Živan organizes a punk festival in his small rural village in Serbia. With a relentless enthusiasm and without any money he dedicates himself to organize an event that “in one hundred years, will be like Woodstock”. Every year, the outcome is a complete failure. Živan Makes a Punk Festival is a poetical biography - with some pinches of comedy - of a tragical Don Quixote, affected by a very dangerous illness: enthusiasm.

A film by Danny Garcia (Spain/UK, 2014, 98’)
Cinema Odeon, 22.30 pm - with Nina Antonia (official biographer of J. Thunders) e Fulvio Paloscia (Journalist) in-person.

Who was Johnny Thunders? The legendary guitarist of the New York Dolls and the Heartbreakers. He was the link between the rock music of the seventies and the glam-metal and punk scene until 1991, the year of his mysterious death allegedly by overdose. The film reveals us the true Johnny Thunders, beyond the reputation of a ‘damned rocker’, through interviews with friends and colleagues and numerous and unpublished archive material.

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