Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival


A film by Jos de Putter (The Netherlands, 2002, 54’)
Spazio Alfieri - 3:30 pm - with the director in-person
Synopsis: The Brooklyn Dodgers always seemed to be winning without ever managing to do so. There are different kinds of defeat. The Dodgers have always gone for the most spectacular and most epic. You can be great when defeated, as is proved by the characters of this film. From their low condition as losers, they depict their love for a special city, a unique neighbourhood, and a mythic baseball team.

A film by Jos de Putter (The Netherlands, 2002, 75’)
Spazio Alfieri - 4:45 pm - with the director in-person
A company of very young Chechen dancers is leaving for a European tour. Their world is made of ruins, explosions, and terrorist attacks. But everything changes to the rhythm of dance. Their backs get upright and their gazes look proud. Dancing is the choice of those who don’t want to surrender like victims before the arrogance of the violent. Dancing is the poetry of resistance.

A film by Katarina Schröter (The Netherlands/Germany/Switzerland, 2014, 79')
Spazio Alfieri - 6:30 pm - with the director in-person
The shadow of a black-dressed woman follows you. She watches you, she never loses her composure. She’s looking for you, she waits, and she makes some of the gestures you usually do, not to imitate you but to ‘feel’ you. A camera is shooting. This film unravels that the precariousness of personal relationship pervading the encounters of the present-day metropolitan citizen cannot defeat the intense sharing of experience, as well as that which happens when individuals finally do meet.

A film by Emiliano Mancuso (Italy, 2014, 75’)
Spazio Alfieri - 8.30 pm - with the director in-person
Valerio, Giuseppe, Emad, the guests of the Casa Felix rehabilitation youth centre, are ‘grownup adolescents’ who have already been found guilty. The film traces their bodies, their desires, and a painful tie with a world they still don’t know but they’re already fighting. The debut film of Emiliano Mancuso gracefully actualizes in the point-of-view shots of those who are seeking a plotline in their lives. It is a film that explores the intimacy of human relationships in order to recapture a desire for the same.

A film by Jos de Putter (The Netherlands, 2008, 75')
Spazio Alfieri - 10.30 pm - with the director in-person
"Warcraft" is not only one of the most famous cyber games all over the world, it is also a virtual world whose borders with the real one can get confused. Sky and Grubby are the absolute champions of the game. The two adolescents are bound to fight as if they were in a western film. But what is there beyond the game? A unique film as thrilling as an insoluble mystery that must be fathomed.

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