Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival


11:00 am – Free entrance - Ali in the City- Contemporary migration patterns: drifts and destinations

A cooperation with Institut français Firenze
Screening of:

Italy, France, 2015, 30’

Edited by: Simon Leclere, Malik Nejmi
 - Dagli archivi di: Roberto Bianchi
In 1990, Florence was the scene of the first struggle ever conducted in Italy by an organization of immigrant workers. The leader was the Senegalese community that set up a protest with an all-out hunger strike in Piazza S. Giovanni, just in front of the Battistero. They demanded the withdrawal of the provisions of the mayor to fight illegal sellers.

The Dead Are Not Dead

by Malik Nejmi

Italia, Francia, 2014, 26’

Florence, December 13th, 2011. Among the crowd and the stalls of the market in Piazza Dalmazia, two Senegalese, Samb Modou and Mor Diop, were mortally wounded by gunshots fired with homicidal fury by a fanatical racist. Malik Nejmi came back to this tragic event alternating images from the collective prayer of the Senegalese community with those from the citizens’ protest against racism.

3:00 pm – Special Events

by Tomer Heymann

Israel, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands 2015 97'
Ohad Naharin, creator of the movement language “Gaga,” is one of the most important and innovative choreographers in the world. By way of archive footage of Naharin as a young dancer and about private moments with his family, acclaimed documentary film-maker Tomer Heymann pieces together a visceral portrait of Mr. Gaga, covering his first dance steps, the international ballets with Martha Graham and Maurice Béjart, up to the transition to choreography that peaked with his appointment as artistic director of Batsheva, the world-renowned dance company.

5:00 pm - International Competition

by Helena Třeštíková

Czech Republic, 2015, 101’

It was on 2002, Mallory, a young mother with a heroin-addict background, decided to change her life. However, that life she will desperately strive for will continu- ously put her to test. In her Kafkian existence – filmed for 13 years by H. Trestikova – Mallory will be forced to live in a car, to cope with the failures of the social welfare system, wrong men and the hard quest to find a normal life for a son who, growing up, will never lose his mother as a point of reference and a model of strength and courage.

7:00 pm - International Competition

Checks and Balances

by Malek Bensmaïl

Malek Bensmaïl goes in the premises of the “El Watan” Algerian independent newspaper, unveiling its decision making processes in a key moment in the his- tory of the country: while the “Algerian spring” stimulates the population’s need for democracy, the polling campaign is dominated by President Bouteflika, run- ning for his fourth mandate in a row...

9:30 pm - The Correspondent

by Jean Counet
Netheerlands, 2015, 12’

Since the revolution on Maidan Square in Kiev, the situation in Ukraine has turned out to be really difficult. The filmmaker, interest in how the war affects the daily lives of people, made a short film about it. The film makes us aware of the distance between western Europe and events in eastern Ukraine. The film shows an older woman in Latvia, who gets in touch with her sister and daughter in Donetsk (east- ern Ukraine) through Skype. What follows are two intimate conversations, larded with images of their existence, which create an alarming portrait of the war.

9:30 pm - Special Events

by Stevan Riley

UK, 2015, 103’

From the beginnings of his fame until the years immediately preceding his death, Marlon Brando realized hundreds of audio recording hours on his own, in abso- lute privacy. Today, these recordings constitute a sort of logbook about his hopes and regrets. Dwelling on events such as his encounter with Stella Adler or the sometimes tragic family torments, the voice of the Hollywood rebel will guide us through archive footage and pictures from the many films in which he starred, contributing to film history.

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