Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival


3:00 pm - Sui Generis

The Pimp and his Trophies

Austria 2014 22'
by: Antoinette Zwirchmayr
A woman tells her unconventional childhood experienced as the grandson of one of the most powerful pimp of Salzburg, amid prostitutes, pimps and customers. Meanwhile, the camera explores the inside of a sex club, the rooms and halls now desert, luxurious night clubs now empty.

Czech Republic 2015 70'
Directed by: Jan Foukal
Almost a century ago, a group of Czechs, inspired by the image of the American Wild West, created their own world in the woods. This is how the movement called “tramping” originated in the Czech Republic. Following the traces of previous “tramps” through the Bohemian forests, Bara, the young daughter of Czech immigrants in Canada, and Honza, a musician looking for adventure, take a long journey together as they look for internal freedom.

5:00 pm - Panorama

Piergiorgio Welby / Self-portrait

Italy 2015 60'
by: Francesco Andreotti, Livia Giunti
In the autumn of 2006, Piergiorgio Welby, who had been ill for years with a severe form of dystrophy, publicly asked the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano to be granted the right to die. A few months later, members of his family and radical activists helped him accomplish his will. Love is All. Piergiorgio Welby/Self-portrait describes the life of the man Welby by way of his works, paintings, books, and photographs.

5:00 pm - Sui Generis

White Chimney

Finland 2014 24'
by: Jani Peltonen
Finland. A photographer roams around a tree road leading to Hotel Aulanko, inaugurated in 1938. The hotel was a reference for a generation of young Finnish people and was also the place of the mysterious death of Sirkka Sari, a rising star of Finnish cinema in the Thirties. The biopic crosses with paranormal thriller, colour is mixed with black and white in a film gathering materials, styles, voices and faces, as a detective trying to sort out to its clues.

5:00 pm – Eventi Speciali

USA, China, South Korea 2015 87'
by: Adam Sjöberg
Known under a pseudonym that means “without borders,” Sun Mu, a deserter from North Korea, takes his inspiration from his own propaganda activity done before his escape in 1998 and reverses its meaning, giving it new shades. Thus, he creates a form of ‘political pop art.’ In 2014, he was offered a huge, but potentially dangerous opportunity, a solo exhibition in Peking. But during the preparation, even though he worked under cover, there was an unexpected turn of events which jeopardized the life of Sun Mu and his family.

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