Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival


3 pm - Ali in the City- Contemporary migration patterns: drifts and destinations

by Vladimir Tomić
Denmark, Serbia, 2015, 71’

Vladimir Tomić is 12 when he arrives in Copenhagen with his family. They are fleeing Bosnia and Herzegovina, a land ravaged by a terriblewar. Together with thousands of people, they are accommodated on a floating platform called Flotel. This incre- dible experience is described in the VHS tapes recorded by the refugees and it rea- ches us in the form of an ironic and intense journal which was sent from the past.

4:30 pm – Images of the verb To Love: the documentaries of Mary Jiménez

by Mary Jiménez
Belgium, 2009, 80'
“You cannot imagine it, you have to stay there,” says Marcus about jail. Sentenced for receiving stolen goods, counterfeiting, breaking and entering, and so on, he not only knows the place but also and reluctantly makes it the ultimate reason of his existence. Marcus helps runaways and he doesn’t feel guilty about this. His is a calling. It is the only solution to a place that, far from extinguishing crimes, condemns them to putrescence.

6:15 pm - Sui generis

by Karolina Brobäck
Sweden, 2014, 14'
It is 27th December 1991. Sandro, a 13 year old boy, is boarding on a plane heading to Japan with his family. However, flight 751 will only last just 4 minutes above the Stockholm sky, falling right after taking off. The film re-enacts the accident with digitally animated drawings, filling them with the emotions, the fear and the shock making Sandro’s voice vibrate every time he remembers that tragic day.

6:15 pm - Sui generis

A Documentary Film

by Marcin Podolec
Poland, 2015, 7'
Marcin Podolec – a young Polish man already famous as a drawer and cartoonist – makes an animation film and calls it “document”. With this “document” the filmmaker conveys the ideas, feelings and memories of his father to tell about a man, his habits, his character, his emotions and the relationship with far children.

6:15 pm - Sui generis


by Micael Espinha
Portugal, 2014, 10'
The filmmaker recovers some photos shot during the Salazar’s Estado Novo era, creating film which is a crossover of documentary, animation movie and visual arts. In this suspended world – Lisbon under the dictatorship, here imagined as a ghost nation – the levers of an essential style move a powerful and discreet political discourse.

7:00 pm - Special Events

by Heidi Specogna

Germany, 2014, 94’

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” Pepe Mujica became famous in 2010, after being elected Head of State in Uruguay, as the “world’s poorest president” because he refused to live in the presidential palace and gave himself a monthly salary of less than 1,000 Euros. The former guerrilla fighter, now an enthusiastic flower farmer, is considered one of the most charismatic politi- cians of Latin America. His humble lifestyle and non-conventional manners won him the trust of old and young. His visionary political decisions, including the regulation of the marijuana trade, have aroused curiosity and attention all over the world.

9:00 pm - Panorama

by Valerio Ciriaci
Italy, USA, 2015, 72'
When on the 12th of August 2012, the municipality of Affile (province of Rome) inaugurates a monument dedicated to Rodolfo Graziani, the fascist general during the 1935-1936 Ethiopian War and first viceroy of the colony, Ethiopians across the world protested. Graziani was found guilty of war crimes for which he never was indicted. If only I were that warrior is a lucid snapshot of a collective unconscious where the noises of history still reverberate.

10:30 pm - The Trades of Cinema: Homage to Wojciech Staroń

by Diego Lerman DOP: Wojciech Staroń
Argentine, 2014, 94'
Matias is seven years old when he finds his mother, Laura, lying on the floor, gasping and brutally wounded after the umpteenth fit of rage of his father. This time, though, Laura means to turn the page and protect herself and her son from her husband’s violence. Refugiado is an attempt to escape from a family drama, not without setbacks and second thoughts. There is the torment of a woman who, like several other victims of domestic violence, is subliminally tied to the man who attacks her, but also that of a child torn away from the innocence of childhood too early to be able to understand the reasons, and still desiring a normal life, and a home filled with joy and toys.

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