Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival


3:00 pm – Special Events

Twilight of a Life

di|by Sylvain Biegeleisen

Belgium, Israel, 2015, 71’

When the doctor tells him that for her mother remains a few weeks only to live, Sylvain Biegeleisen decides to share with her her last moments. After all the goodbyes and shed of tears, against all odds and medical predictions, the 94 years old womand with the spirit of a 20 years old reacts and clings to life with joy and optimism. An hymn to love and hope, that never age.

4:30 pm –Images of The Verb To Love: The Documentaries of Mary Jiménez

Belgium 1985 83'
by: Mary Jiménez
Mary Jiménez goes back to Peru after her mother has been dead for a few years. This is the point of departure for a research and an impossible as much as necessary encounter with the memory of her mother. The film is the multi-faceted trace of this research through fragments and places, casting a simultaneously visionary and very lucid gaze onto her homeland, her own places, and her beloved ones. Du verbe aimer is an autobiographical film and a poetical essay on memory becoming story. A film about madness as well as a journey in self-awareness and the discovery of oneself by way of images.

Follwed by:
public meeting with Mary Jiménez

7:00 pm – Panorama


by Laura Cini
Italy, 2015, 73'
Farmers’ traditions and mundane pleasures live together in a small tourist town in Versilia, Northern Tuscany. The meeting between an old lady with ancestral powers and a young girl wishing to become her spiritual heir becomes the narrative focus of this film which is set in the background of the recent economic crisis and the void of values of a whole generation.
9:00 pm The Trades of Cinema: Homage to Wojciech Staroń
Poland/Mexico 2011 103'
Directed by: Paula Markovitch Fotografia/DOP: Wojciech Staroń
Argentina, 1970’s. In an era marked by the return under the military dictatorship, the young Lucia and her daughter Cecilia live in a rundown house on the beach. Despite her seven years of age, Cecilia must protect a secret that might determine the survival of her family. But one day, the little girl puts herself in danger when the army asks that all students at her school write a composition in honour of the military…

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