Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival


6:00 pm – Images of the verb To Love: the documentaries of Mary Jiménez

by Mary Jiménez
Belgium, 2012, 61'
Young men who escaped the photo camera, lost forever at the sea bottom and between dunes of sand, or survived from the waves in order to reach a land that only has more fight to offer them. These are the faceless heroes of Mary Jiménez. From the Brussels hunger strike to the account of a young Cameroonian, passing through the Choucha (Tunisia) refugee camp: three moments of a battle made in the name of the conquest of one’s own life.

9:00 pm – Special Events

by Tomer Heymann

Israel, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands 2015 97'
Ohad Naharin, creator of the movement language “Gaga,” is one of the most important and innovative choreographers in the world. By way of archive footage of Naharin as a young dancer and about private moments with his family, acclaimed documentary film-maker Tomer Heymann pieces together a visceral portrait of Mr. Gaga, covering his first dance steps, the international ballets with Martha Graham and Maurice Béjart, up to the transition to choreography that peaked with his appointment as artistic director of Batsheva, the world-renowned dance company.

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