Florence November 3rd - 10th 2018

International documentary film festival


HEIDI PROJECT – Live documentary

Directed by: Adrien Faucheux

With: Alessandra Celesia e Adélys. Music: Adélys

“I was born and raised in the Alps of Val d’Aosta. I am an Italian Heidi. Like the cartoon heroine, I left the mountain for the city. Not Frankfurt in my case, but Paris. There, just like Heidi did, I broke down; I had lost sight of what gave meaning to my life. To understand the inner mechanism of this pain, I decided to leave for a journey along with a female musician. Together, we went in search of what makes us the adults that we have become.” (A. Celesia)

Heidi Project is the outcome of three factors joined together: sequences from a documentary, music, and storytelling. Alessandra Celesia and Adélys take us on a long journey in search of inner peace.

A project supported by Comptoir du Doc (Hors Format) and the Cinémathèque française du documentaire.

Event organized in collaboration with Film Commission Val d’Aosta.

Thursday, November 8, Istituto Francese, 6pm | Italian Language

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