Florence November 3rd - 10th 2018

International documentary film festival


Saletta MyMovies.it – Free entrance


Thursday, November 8th, La Compagnia Saletta MyMovies.it, 11:00am


Directed by: Matthieu Rytz (Canada, 2018, 77’) - In collaboration with Publiacqua

What happens when your nation is swallowed by the sea? With the harsh realities of climate change looming, the low-lying Pacific nation Kiribati must find a new solution for the survival of its people. With sweeping cinematography, Anote’s Ark interweaves two poignant stories. Anote Tong, endearing president of the island, races to find options—advocating in international climate negotiations and even
investigating building underwater cities. At the same time, warm and sharp-witted Sermery, a young mother of six, must decide whether to leave the only culture she knows on the island and migrate to a new life in New Zealand.

Thursday, November 8th, La Compagnia 3:00pm


Directed by: Stefan Kruse (Denmark, 2018, 28’)

Pictures do not document reality. They create it. Departing from this principle, with a brilliant, sharp approach, The Migrating Image proposes an intriguing journey among images of migrants: never-seen ones, too much seen ones, military recordings, drone photos, a 360° photo camera, and satellite pictures, all taken on the wake of a question: how are these migrating images transforming the world and our relationship with it?

Thursday, November 8th, La Compagnia 4:30pm - With the director in-person


Directed by: Eva Villaseñor (Mexico, 2018, 52’)

Miguel Villaseñor is a very famous young Mexican rapper, known as Tankeone; Eva is his sister and she is also the director of the film. Miguel is a musician, but above all he is a person who has experienced troubled times and who is still looking for an inner balance in a complex and conflictual environment. Eva is doing a portrait of him but, at the same time, she tries to know him more deeply. Miguel lives in many different environments and through him we discover an urban Mexico, violent, sometimes desperate, but also vital.

Thursday, November 8th, La Compagnia 4:30pm - With the director in-person


Directed by: Dominique Marchais (France, 2017, 96’)

A film that constructs an ideal territory, made of places that belong to Europe and, at the same time, outline a different idea of Europe, from Sicily to Switzerland, to Austria. In these spaces, you experience a different relationship with the territory; you can experiment another way of making and being a community; and, as always happens with the cinema of Marchais, characters tell their story and the landscape in which they are immersed, which allows us to see it as a wonderful utopia.

Thursday, November 8th, La Compagnia 6:30pm -  With the director in-person and with Riccardo Chesta (Eui), Daniela Poli (Unifi), Davide Fanfani (Unifi)


Directed by: Liz Garbus (USA, 2018, 90’)

The first 100 days among those that U.S. president Donald J. Trump has defined “enemies of the people”. A continuous flow of breaking news, unbroken tension, the FBI leaks, the contact with Russian executives, dangerous investigations, and many debates before getting to a news item. This extraordinary film carries us, unfiltered, into the trenches of American information, i.e. The New York Times editorial offices, between reporting and the defence of democracy.

Thursday, November 8th, La Compagnia 9:30pm

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