Florence November 3rd - 10th 2018

International documentary film festival


After the World Premiere at the 58th Festival dei Popoli, the documentary film LE ALLETTANTI PROMESSE (Tempting Promises) by Chiara Campara and Lorenzo Faggi (Italia, 2017, 74'), will have its North American Premiere at the 21 edition of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival that will held in Durham (North Carolina) from April 5 to 8, 2018.

Esino Lario is a small village in the Alps at the border of Italy and Switzerland. It is a quiet, isolated site; the only foreigners are a group of refugees sheltered in an old hotel, waiting for political asylum. In 2016, the village hosted an international event about the World Wide Web and digital culture, i.e. the annual gathering of Wikipedia volunteers. The film follows the preparations over the months prior to the event. While some get involved, others show indifference or open hostility, revealing a society that is split between modernity and tradition, openess and narrowmindedness.

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