Florence, 14th- 21th November 2008

International documentary film festival

  • 19 hilos
    19 Threads

    Argentina 2008 25'
    Directed by: Stella Iannitto, Miguel Maldonado, Ana Ugarte
    Sunset. In a forest, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, a puppet comes to life, entering into its own perfectly created world. Fernando (the creator) and Don Demetrio (the creation), being suspicially similar, exhibit their personalities, vacillating between the real and the unreal. This is a little film that provides us with a clear image of creation and the endless game of fiction.

  • A Necessary Music

    UK/USA 2008 20'
    Directed by: Beatrice Gibson
    The inhabitants of Roosevelt Island take the scene as they play out the contemporary epoch of their community. Accompanied by the artist Robert Ashley, Beatrice Gibson travels across the history of this little island, which was once a wide-open workspace for various architects with their extravagant projects of the 60s. The film finishes by giving form to a mental reconstruction of the open spaces of the city.

  • Bizim Deniz

    Turkey 2008 30'
    Directed by: Ethem Özgüven
    Faces of fisherman, sun-drenched villages, signs of the past. And the irresistible lure of the blue sea. Mosaic film, Bizim Deniz documents, from the outside and from the inside, the unstoppable transformation of a little Mediterranean village in Turkey, showing us the hidden angles and the vanishing people, captured on film by super8 before the arrival of mass tourism.

  • Ciobanul Zburator
    The Flying Shepherd

    Romania 2008 26'
    Directed by: Catalin Musat
    Herds and shepherds lounge lazily in the sun. Unexpectedly, a strange flying object appears in the sky. Here we see the quiet world of the pastoral countryside of Romania, as it intersects with the slightly daring atmosphere that pervades this nearby motorized hang glider runway. It’s an encounter between cultures, which becomes a detonator for a surreal kind of humour while embodying a great sense of freedom.

  • Clean Up

    Germany 2008 10'
    Directed by: Sebastian Mez
    The striking establishment and the atrocity that is the death penalty. The film captures the menial job of a janitor, who is cleaning outside of the window that separates the execution chamber from the common areas. The fixed gaze of the janitor leaves a lasting impression on the conscience of the spectator.

  • Cosmic Station

    Germany 2008 30'
    Directed by: Bettina Timm
    Monte Aragaz, Armenia. A team of scientists continue their astronomical research, notwithstanding the lack of financing from the part of the institution and the precarious structure in which they are working. Owing to the distant camera shots and the splendid takes, this intimate and emotional film captures the total isolation of one of the surviving mementos of a prestigious soviet project.

  • Distancias

    Spain 2008 28'
    Directed by: Pilar Monsell
    A group of illegal immigrants who have just crossed the Saharan inferno are stranded in Marocco waiting to begin the last leg of their journey that will allow them to reach Europe. One of the most radical experiences of the modern man (the escape and exile from one’s own country) is narrated by the theatrical spectacle that the participants themselves act out in front of the camera, while closed in a single room.

  • Eden End

    Spain 2008 10'
    Directed by: Enrique Rodríguez Fernández Baixeras
    Idyllic images linked to the past. Smiling faces, happy families, breath-taking landscapes and towns. It's the life that everyone dreams of, as you would see in media images. However, everything is enveloped in a strange atmosphere. Slowly, paradise becomes a fountain of riches to be exploited. This is a type of journey or vacation taken by the modern man into the world of tourism, where pleasure and excess are confused.

  • La favola del pennello
    The Tale of an Artist’s Brush

    Sweden 2008 28'
    Directed by: Andreas Kassel
    An encounter with the painter Morandi, the irresistible attraction of paint brushes, the mystical lure of Andrei Rublëv, the visionary poetry of Tarkovskij all comprise the long narrative that Tonino Guerra creates with the film camera. It is set amidst the backdrop of memories and villages of the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines. It is an exercise of admiration and a testimony to the mysterious power of words.

  • Ma’rib
    Traces of Stones

    Yemen/Germany 2008 30'
    Directed by: Rainer Komers
    Archeologists, camel herders, craftsmen, agriculturists, shepherds, students, teachers, members of tribes, people waiting and... thousands of years at the Yemenese oasis on the outskirts of the Rhub al-Khali desert. Without using dialogue and abandoning a conventional narrative, Rainer Komers's film offers an exploratory look into the lifestyles, rhythms and gestures of an arid region in an austere country.

  • Mosh va Gorbe
    Cat & Mouse

    Iran 2008 26'
    Directed by: Bijan Zamanpira, Nahid Ghobadi
    The tiring, incessant, thankless work of a group of children from Iranian Kurdistan, who are used as stale-bread gatherers, which is then recycled by the food industry. However, shining through the inescapable, difficult circumstances, sometimes we see a glimmer of humanity. The children are always children despite their surroundings and the joy of play emerges from the dingy gray of an hard life.

  • Moujarad Raiha
    Merely a Smell

    Lebanon 2007 10'
    Directed by: Maher Abi Samra
    Skeletons of buildings, dust, men working. In the background we hear words coming from a radio. Filmed in a single, even sequence using black and white film, a group of rescuers and humanitarian workers are busy in a silent search for survivors and bodies in the ruins of a bombed house of Beirut. The film allows us to feel the unbearable horrors of death that are inflicted on the unarmed.

  • Presidio Modelo

    Colombia/Canada 2008 15'
    Directed by: Pablo Alvarez-Mesa
    Cuba, the 20s. The dictator, Gerad Machado, orders the construction of a prison based on the model of Panopticon, theorized by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham. Here Castro was held prisoner by the dictator Fulgencio Batista before the revolution of 1959, and it is here that he wrote his auto-defense. It is an effort to tell the story through the tracks, the rubble and the debris.

  • Tijuana

    France 2008 37'
    Directed by: Vincent Martorana
    Creeping images, saturated colors, thoughts in motion. We are in Tijuana at the border between Mexico and the United States in front of a reinforced wall that doesn’t allow illegal entry. The exploitation, the humiliation, the violence, the sadness, the need for inebriation and for oblivion. This film talks about all these things, all the while hearing sorrowful music and rap rhythms that accompany the sad gazes.

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