Florence 13rd - 20th November 2010

International documentary film festival


    Czech Rep. 2010 100'
    Directed by: Vit Klusak, Filip Remunda
    The 762nd American military base is about to be built in foreign territory, right at the gates of Torkavec, a small town in the Czech Republic, population 80. The town mayor has tried to stop it, giving vent to a series of polemics, wrangles and exhilarating revelations. With the same desecrating spirit, Vit Klusák e Filip Remunda give a cross-section of the way large-scale geopolitical machinations affect the lives of citizens.

    2010 Wednesday 17th November, Odeon, 7:30 pm - In collaboration with CCC Strozzina


    Germany/Austria/Switzerland 2010 96'
    Directed by: David Sieveking
    A young German director enthralled by the work of David Lynch decides to follow his idol and better understand the Lynch Foundation and the transcendental meditation the American director has dedicated more than thirty years to. It’s only the start point of a surreal trip into a hidden world inhabited by deranged and disturbing characters. The trip will leave a profound mark on the life of the young filmmaker and his concept of cinema.

    2010 Saturday 20th November, Odeon, 9:00 pm


    USA 2010 11'
    Directed by: Robert Gardner
    Robert Gardner and Christian Boltanski first met in the Seventies; by now the mutual admiration between filmmaker and artist has been firmly established. This short film documents the installation of "Personnes" in the large pavilion of Paris’s Grand Palais for the 2010 Monumenta exhibition. In the immense space, the artist intends to hang 60 tons of used clothing. The title of the installation, «personnes», plays on the double meaning of the word in French (person/no one).

    2010 Saturday 13th November, Odeon, 9:30 pm


    USA/Rwanda 2010 22'
    Directed by: Charles Annenberg Weingarten
    In 1994, more than one million people were killed in the Rwandan genocide, a three month event of unimaginable violence and despair. The explore team travels through present day Rwanda with Honore Gatera, head tour guide at the Kigali Memorial Centre and a genocide survivor. Honore guides the viewer through historically significant sites and casts his unique firsthand perspective on the story of how the genocide unfolded. More importantly, he shares his vision for the future of Rwanda.

    2010 Friday 19th November, Odeon, 4:15 am


    USA/Saudi Arabia 2010 26'
    Directed by: Charles Annenberg Weingarten
    When viewed through the lens of a shared history, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam provide differing perspectives on similar themes. Los Angeles Imam Jihad Turk leads Charles Annenberg Weingarten through the common threads that tie the western faiths with that of Islam.

    2010 Saturday 20th November, Odeon, 5:00 pm


    Switzerland 2009 85'
    Directed by: Nicola Bellucci
    A weird person wanders around the Casentino countryside, in-between a 'Pied Piper' character and a therapist. Wolfgang was not born blind. He slowly lost sight, and proportionally gained a wonderful ear for sounds. Thanks to this gift, he takes care of the children who have been affected by the illness and can no longer express themselves, discovering unusual and miraculous ways of communicating with them. A documentary with a fairy-tale hint.

    2010 Saturday 20th November, Odeon, 3:00 pm


    USA 2010 28'
    Directed by: Lou Reed, Ralph Gibson
    Lou Reed interviews his hundred-year-old cousin Shirley, nicknamed «Red». Fleeing Poland just before the Nazi invasion, as a girl Shirley moved to New York, later becoming a fiery unionist. While fighting for workers’ rights, she became involved with the then nascent civil rights movement. Jewish, anti-Zionist, communist, Shirley is the living memory of an America that Lou Reed interrogates with tenderness and respect.

    2010 Sunday 14th November, Odeon, 9:00 pm

    Racconta e condividi la tua storia

    Italy 2010
    Directed by: Simona Baldanzi, Federico Bondi, Leonardo Sacchetti
    Collecting individual and collective stories to disclose with everyone. Each person’s story is driven by the need to share with others: it’s not only for the benefit of the teller, but also the listener. "Storie mobili" is a project promoted and financed by Unicoop Firenze and Sicrea, and is open to all on a voluntary basis. It is born out of the need to be listened to, the desire for face to face, and the necessity of finding community.
    "Storie mobili" is helmed by writer and researcher Simona Baldanzi,
    director Federico Bondi and journalist Leonardo Sacchetti.
    Screening of the short film "Rita e Olinto".

    2010 Saturday 13th November, Odeon, 3:30 pm


    USA 2010 96'
    Directed by: Laura Poitras
    The story of two men and their past. One is the ex-bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, the other is a prisoner in Guantanamo accused of being a member of Al Qaeda. Two different, seemingly opposite stories. The oath that binds them leads them to make different decisions, to live their lives in completely different ways. An astonishing film about two radical lives which make one think about the meaning of such decisions.

    2010 Thursday 18th November, Odeon, 9:30 pm


    USA 2009 88'
    Directed by: Tom DiCillo
    Following the exploits of Jim Morrison, the film commemorates the Doors, one of the most influential rock bands at the end of the Sixties. Using films of the day, stock footage, and clips shot by Morrison himself, the creative arc of the band comes to light in rare and unedited footage, including the singer’s arrest for obscene acts during a concert. The film is narrated by Johnny Depp.

    2010 Saturday 13th November, Odeon, 9:30 pm

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