Florence 12th - 19th November 2011

International documentary film festival

    Flying Anne

    Netherlands 2011 21'
    Directed by: Catherine van Campen
    Anne is a wonderful 11-year-old girl, who apparently has everything. Yet, Anne's life is deeply affected by Tourette syndrome, a disease which causes the body to make involuntary gestures such as licking the surfaces of objects or making sudden movements. At school, Anne lives in the fear of being made fun of by her classmates, and that is the reason why she tries to find a way to explain them the nature of her “strange” behaviors.

    2011 Sunday, Nov. 13th, Odeon, 3.00 pm – Tuesday Nov. 15th, Spazio Uno, 3.00 pm


    Argentina 2011 8'
    Directed by: Sofía Brockenshire, Verena Kuri
    A natural disaster has destroyed a tourist town in Argentina. Many have passed away; some images of an amateur film have survived the tragedy – sequences from a past which will not return and of bodies which are now unknown. The off-camera commentary presents these images, wondering whether it is still possible to tell their story.

    2011 Friday, Nov. 18th, Odeon, 3.00 pm – Saturday, Nov. 19th, Spazio Uno, 5.00 pm

    Guided Tour

    Germany 2011 37'
    Directed by: René Frölke
    In 2008, the then Federal President Horst Köhler visited one of the German schools of excellence, the College of Design of Karlsruhe, an Institution teaching Art, Technology and Filmmaking. Gestures, words and expressions of people having important roles – the politician, the philosopher, the scientist – are captured, in slightly more than 30 minutes of film, by an 'infiltrator' among courtiers, with the aim to represent the excellence of arts and knowledge and, at the same time, the pettiness of power relations between human beings.

    2011 Sunday, Nov. 13th, Odeon, 3.00 pm – Tuesday, Nov. 15th, Spazio Uno, 3.00 pm


    India/USA 2010 20'
    Directed by: Natasha Mendonca
    The return to Mumbai after the flood, the rediscovery of the city and of the family ties, united by a common process of power and decline. This powerful and imaginative film displays the less known side of contemporary India. Like the monsoons from which the film starts, Jan Villa is a vortex of images overwhelming the spectators and carrying their senses away.

    2011 Sunday, Nov. 13th, Odeon, 3.00 pm – Tuesday, Nov. 15th, Spazio Uno, 3.00 pm

    The Ambassador & Me

    Switzerland 2011 16'
    Directed by: Jan Czarlewski
    The film begins with a tennis match: the film-maker and his father (Ambassador of Poland in Belgium) exchange shots with a certain determination. Also in the making of the documentary the filmmaker and the diplomat try to prevail. The former is in search of a less formal image of the father, the latter tries to direct the film towards a more conventional form of documentary. L’Ambassadeur & Moi is the dramaturgic and symbolic staging of the eternal conflict between a man with a camera and his subject.

    2011 Friday, Nov. 18th, Odeon, 4:00 pm – Saturday, Nov. 19th, Spazio Uno 5:00 pm

    Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room

    Brazil 2011 12'
    Directed by: Rafael Urban
    A journey through the forms of memory: an old woman attends classes of digital photography and editing. It is not a late hobby, but a project undertaken with a clear aim in mind. The woman wants to be able to preserve the memory of her deceased husband Guido, the biggest private collector of fossils in Latin America.

    2011 Tuesday, Nov. 15th, Odeon, 7:00 pm – Thursday, Nov. 17th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    France 2011 15'
    Directed by: Arnaud Gerber
    To recreate the first shot of the first film in the history of cinema: La Sortie de l'usine Lumière. The old Renault plant of Boulogne-Billancourt, shown in a frontal shot, becomes the scene of action. The shot is no longer frontal, but three-quarter. The factory will be replaced by a park, probably by a cultural center. Spare time activities will replace working activities. “In the hope of meeting even one single worker.”

    2011 Monday, Nov. 14th, Odeon, 7:00 pm – Tuesday, Nov. 15th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    Italy 2011 14'
    Directed by: Paolo Vittore Parvis
    In an empty house, still bearing the signs of a devastating fire, the filmmaker is deep in conversation with his sister. Memories, proposals, intuitions are seamlessly mixed, while a writer begins his performance. A film to cure a space of its wounds

    2011 Wednedsay Nov. 16th, Odeon, 4:00 pm – Thursday, Nov. 17th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    Germany 2011 37'
    Directed by: Peter Levin
    A musician meets a dancer who was born deaf. It is the beginning of a relationship revolving around the discovery of world sounds, which slowly evolves into real musical improvisation. The urban environment begins to resound with new melodies, like a mysterious score, which is slowly brought to light. Shot in a sensual black and white, the film is a journey, a discovery of all that goes unnoticed in our daily lives.

    2011 Tuesday Nov. 15th, Odeon, 9:30 pm – Thursday, Nov. 17th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    USA 2011 5'
    Directed by: Jay Rosenblatt
    Dedicated to the director’s father Jerome, The D Train is an emotional reflection of a life running fast from birth to death, like a moving train. From the very first steps of a baby who learns to walk, to school experiences, falling in love and the wedding day, Rosenblatt composes a melancholic symphony of a life passing by as through the frames of an old film.

    2011 Thursday, Nov. 17th, Odeon, 9:30 pm – Saturday, Nov. 19th, Spazio Uno 5.00 pm

    Vakha and Magomed

    Poland 2010 12'
    Directed by: Marta Prus
    Vakha takes care of the little Magomed in every moment of the day. Between the two there is a very good relationship, which can be found in every gesture and in every look they exchange. They are Chechen refugees who have found asylum in Warsaw. We can sense that they have a tragic past, but the film chooses to focus entirely on the present: a present made of peace, of small daily certainties and of love – the shining love of a father and son.

    2011 Friday, Nov. 18th, Odeon, 4:00 pm – Saturday, Nov. 19th, Spazio Uno 5:00 pm


    Germany 2011 23'
    Directed by: Florian Heinzen-Ziob
    The cherry tree in the grandparents’ garden was the most beautiful one in the whole neighborhood. It accompanied the protagonist for his whole childhood, marking the seasons through its metamorphoses. The phenomenon leads the child to make a series of acute and imaginative observations. Made with an ingenious and effective animation technique, the film follows many different directions, as many as the meanings and uses of the term 'growth'.

    2011 Thursday, Nov. 17th, Odeon, 9:30 pm –Saturday, Nov. 19th, Spazio Uno 5:00 pm


    UK 2011 34'
    Directed by: Kristof Bilsen
    White Elephant is a documentary about the Central Post-Office in Kinshasa, in Congo. This grandiose relic of the colonial past has trapped its employees in a frozen timewarp from which they are planning their escape. From past to present, through the cracks in the walls, and leaks in the ceilings, we glimpse present-day Congo, a country constricted on one side by its colonial past, difficult to forget, and on the other side by its present full of contradictions.

    2011 Friday, Nov. 18th, Odeon, 4:00 pm –Saturday, Nov. 19th, Spazio Uno 5:00 pm

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