Florence 12th - 19th November 2011

International documentary film festival

    Fragments of a Revolution

    France 2011 55'
    Directed by: Anonimo (Anonymous)
    From his desktop computer in a house in Paris, an Iranian exile collects images of the increasing protest in his country. With these fragments, she puts together a powerful and painful film, a collective work that allows the citizens of Tehran to reach out to the citizens of the world. Fragments d’une revolution is a profound reflection on the new mechanisms to fight against the governments and those in power, but also on the new forms of global communication.

    2011 Friday, November 18th, Spazio Uno, 5:00 pm


    USA/UK/Egypt/Serbia/Montenegro 2011 82'
    Directed by: Ruaridh Arrow
    Is Gene Sharp a prophet of non-violence, or a CIA agent? His From Dictatorship to Democracy is certainly one of the most read books in the world, translated in more than 40 languages and downloadable free from the Internet. In a short span of time, this manual has become a guide for many movements that took a stand against dictatorships. Inspired from Sharp’s advice, ‘colourful’ revolutions have taken place in the Ukraine as well as Iran, Egypt, and Indonesia, leaving the past behind and stepping into the future.

    2011 Wednesday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 5:00 pm


    France 2011 90'
    Directed by: Bernard Mangiante
    The page written by the Red Khmers in Cambodia is one of the darkest in the 20th century. The trial against one of the leading figures of that bloody regime took place a few time ago. Kaing Guek Eav, aka Douch, was represented by a French, non-violent lawyer aided by a young Cambodian assistant. The film describes the encounter of these three stories and a whole country in search of memory and justice. An intense, passionate encounter with an unpredictable conclusion.

    2011 Saturday, November 19th, Odeon, 4:30 pm

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