Florence 12th - 19th November 2011

International documentary film festival


    Italy/France 2011 55'
    Directed by: Leonardo Di Costanzo
    In 2000, Leonardo di Costanzo decides to make a film about the children of Naples. During shooting, the director meets Antonio and he decides to make the boy the central figure of the film. The two become good friends, so the director has the opportunity to enter the life of Antonio, to closely observe his daily problems and to hear his secret feelings. However, one day Antonio disappears…

    2011 Tuesday, November 15th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

    I Am Not Such a Beautiful Landscape

    Italy/Iceland 2011 63'
    Directed by: Emiliano Monaco
    The latest boat trips of Sigfus and his friend Hjalti, two retired fishermen in Hofsos, a small village inhabited by about 200 people in northern Iceland. The one dealing with a disease, diabetes, at a very advanced stage, which makes him tired and sore, and the other one dealing with the acceptance of the old age and the consequent disappearance of his personal characteristics of strong and sturdy fisherman.

    2011 Thursday, November 17th, Spazio Uno, 9:00 pm

    Hit the Road, Granny

    Italy 2011 64'
    Directed by: Duccio Chiarini
    Mrs Delia, the title’s grandmother, was one of the first women
    entrepreneurs in the sector of the Italian clothing destined to
    international large-scale retail trade. She challenged all conventions, including the ‘regular’ machismo in her working milieu, and gave up (without any regrets?) being a full-time wife and mother. Therefore, Delia can be considered an emblem of the change in the role of woman in Italian society after the war.

    2011 Saturday, November 12th, Odeon, 3:00 pm

    In no Language in the World

    Italy 2011 64'
    Directed by: Paola Piacenza
    The non-border between Istanbul and the Bosporus is the start of a journey which first leads us to Kaliningrad, former capital of East Prussia, today a piece of Russia in the heart of Europe, between Poland and Lithuania. The second stop is Tropojë, in Northern Albania, which until not long ago was the capital of bandits. The film looks with an interested eye at the people living “outside the garden of Europe.”

    2011 Monday, November 14th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm


    Italy 2011 95'
    Directed by: Bruno Oliviero, Luca Mosso
    Conceived in the aftermath of the first round of the administrative elections in Milan, the project has involved more than 50 filmmakers, both experienced ones, and film school students. Seven days of shooting, the last phase of a campaign, that immediately established itself as a historic moment, and which ended with the victory, in the runoff, of Giuliano Pisapia over Letizia Moratti.

    2011 Saturday, November 12th, Odeon, 6:30 pm


    Italy 2011 75'
    Directed by: Raffaele Brunetti
    In recent years in India there has been a significant increase in the number of fertility and IVF centers and in host wombs. Mother India tells the stories of some couples who have recourse to surrogate mothers and presents the ensuing ethical debate. Starting from the women of different social classes and castes who are united by the same desire for motherhood, this film explores contemporary India and its mentality, a kaleidoscope of modernity and ancient traditions.

    2011 Friday, November 18th, Odeon, 7:30 pm


    Italy 2011 65'
    Directed by: Alessandro Baltera, Matteo Tortone
    The "white men" in Africa are not only descendants of the colonizers or tourists in search of exotic locations, but also people whose existence is threatened every day. Relying mainly on the direct observation of reality, filtered through an original look, White Men develops a portrait of four young albinos struggling with their desires for success and integration and, at the same time, with the fear for a society that marginalized and persecuted them.

    2011 Thursday, November 17th, Odeon, 7:30 pm


    Italy 64'
    Directed by: Giovanni Buccomino
    The one of Kurt Sonnenfeld is an alternative version of the tragedy of 9/11. In 2001 Sonnenfeld was the official videographer of the US Government and the only cameraman who was given unlimited access to Ground Zero soon after the collapse of the towers. Following his wife’s suicide, Kurt’s life changes abruptly. Accused of murder, he finds himself without a job and his relations with the American Government deteriorate irreparably.
    This film is a work in progress.

    2011 Saturday, November 19th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm

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