Florence 12th - 19th November 2011

International documentary film festival

  • Profile of a Peace Parade

    USA 1967 50'
    Directed by: David Loeb Weiss
    The documentary follows the preparations and the unfolding of a march for peace held in New York in 1967. Five groups of cameramen accompanied the march, which moved from different neighborhoods in the city: Harlem, East Side, Greenwich Village.

    2011 Wednesday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

  • The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter

    USA 1980 60'
    Directed by: Connie Field
    Five women who, like many others during the Second World War, replaced men in the factories, contradicting the current opinions on the possibilities and capabilities of women. Rosie became the symbol of these women workers. Their testimony is interwoven with rare archival material.

    2011 Friday, November 18th, Spazio Uno, 6:45 pm

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