Florence 10th - 17th November 2012

International documentary film festival


    Portugal 2012 35'
    Directed by: Graça Castanheira
    Following the thread of the observations drawn from the Portuguese geographer Álvaro Domingues, the film features a cataloging, full of humor and unsettling situations, of what you may come across while traveling along the roads in Portugal: a universe perceived by the roadside and an attempt to analyse one of the modes through which the society represents itself.Mercoledì 14 novembre, Odeon, ore 16:00

    2012 Wednesday, November 14th, Odeon, 4:00 pm - Friday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    Spain 2012 26'
    Directed by: Sergio Oksman
    Elmer Modlin had played a small role in Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby. Shortly after that, he ran far away along with his wife and son. He ended up in another country, where he shut himself away in a dark apartment for over thirty years. He lived for art. Sergio Oksam conducted a long research and went after the places of an anonymous tragedy. This way, he was able to tell a peculiar story that departs from cinema and reaches out to life. Or vice versa.

    2012 Thursday, November 15th, Odeon, 8:30 pm - Friday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    Belgium 2012 38'
    Directed by: Alexandra Longuet
    Like the need to get lost when what mattered most is lost. Like the need to rebuild a new world when everything around is a heap of ruins. Like the ghosts who live together with the living. New Orleans, Louisiana: one day was enough for Katrina to wipe out an entire city. One gesture was enough for him to choose to leave her for another woman. So she ends up wandering around the city even more wounded, dispossessed and astonished, with a story not to be forgotten and a new one to begin.

    2012 Monday, November 12th, Odeon, 4:30 pm - Tuesday, November 13th, Spazio Uno, 9:00 pm


    France 2012 29'
    Directed by: Hamed Alizadeh
    One of the main accesses to Kabul is guarded by a small police garrison night and day. Young, often illiterate agents spend the day in the constant chaos of the vehicles in transit and the opaque intimacy of the containers where they live. Check-point is a minimal diary whose account of daily life at a frontier post tries to describe a portion of the present of Afghanistan – a nation far from being pacified.

    2012 Wednesday, November 14th, Odeon, 4:00 pm - Thursday, November 15th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm

    Ashes, a Fire Essay

    Portugal 2012 18'
    Directed by: Pedro Flores
    In a collection of observational shots the busy life that animates a Portuguese farm unfolds. From dawn to dusk, the thread that holds the story is the fire, the natural element which, in human hands, becomes a resource and a tool, a light and a flame, an instrument for order and survival. A cinematic essay, proudly anachronistic, about the domestication of the wildest and most primitive form of energy.

    2012 Monday, November 12th, Odeon, 4:30 pm - Wednesday, November 14th, Spazio Uno, 9:30 pm

    Chronicle of Oldrich S.

    Czech Republic 2012 18'
    Directed by: Rudolf Šmíd
    The Chronicles of Mr. Oldrich are the events of his life, mixed with those of the country in which he lives, with the legends that concern the street names and the songs and the accidents that change the present and its path. The history of the last thirty years of the Czech Republic, is also his own story. Objects come to life within a soft and animated frame and create a real sociology through “animate” images.

    2012 Sunday, November 11th, Odeon, 4:30 pm - Monday, November 12th, Spazio Uno, 9:00 pm

    Thi’s Clinic

    France, Vietnam 2012 35'
    Directed by: Ky Nguyen Minh
    Every day Doctor Thi welcomes and takes care of the old veterans – men and women – of the war that devastated Vietnam. The patients prefer to go to Doctor Thi’s, rather than a modern hospital: he is always kind and willing to listen to their stories of a long past war they can’t forget. Doctor Thi’s clinic is both a health care centre and a place outside of time where memories are collected.

    2012 Wednesday, November 14th, Odeon, 6:00 pm - Thursday, November 15th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm

    Mauro in Cayenne

    Brazil 2012 18'
    Directed by: Leonardo Mouramateus
    Uncle Mauro lives far from his family, in Cayenne. His family has to inform him about what is happening at home. The film is an imaginary letter which shows us a constantly changing reality: Fortaleza destroyed by the bulldozers because of the new town plan and re-built – always identical – in the daydreams of its inhabitants.

    2012 Monday, November 12th, Odeon, 4:30 pm - Wednesday, November 14th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

    Eighteenth Birthday

    Poland 2012 19'
    Directed by: Marta Prus
    The day before her eighteenth birthday, Goska leaves the campus of the Warsaw Youth Educational Center to go back home. Her biggest wish is to organize a birthday party together with her boyfriend and her friends. However, the first meeting with her mother ends up in a heated argument. Like a multi-facet mirror, the film shows the different aspects of the young protagonist’s personality, delicately portraying the anxieties of a difficult adolescence.

    2012 Friday, November 16th, Odeon, 8:30 pm - Saturday, November 17th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm


    Switzerland 2012 28'
    Directed by: Nathan Hofstetter
    A clear and clean face, hazel eyes full of sweetness framed by light-rimmed glasses: this is the face of Nathan Hofstetter, who speaks directly to the camera to tell the story of his disease. The emotion is palpable, but Nathan is determined to get to the bottom of the story, he wants to tell about the disorder that one day caught him by surprise and has transformed his life. A psychological disorder, suffered by many. Rarely cinema has been able to talk about it so directly, and with acute empathy.

    2012 Wednesday, November 14th, Odeon, 4:00 pm - Thursday, November 15th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    Israel, Palestine 2011 14'
    Directed by: Mich’ael Zupraner
    The Al-Haddads, a Palestinian family living in the Hebron area, film their daily life made of clashes with Israeli soldiers and Jewish colonists. An exceptional snowfall seems to disrupt this absurd routine, but the family still gathers to watch their videos, to discuss and share them. Snow Tapes is a short, sophisticated film with several layers of interpretation as well as the warmth of a day with the family under the snow.

    2012 Thursday, November 15th, Odeon, 4:30 pm - Friday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    Poland 2012 15'
    Directed by: Piotr Złotorowicz
    Three seasons with the Martins family, who, twenty years ago, moved from America into a house in the forest, not far from Warsaw. Going along the smooth, quiet lifestyle, Piotr Złotorowicz shows us the unique relationship that every Amish community establishes with the surrounding environment. A minimalist film, stern and pale as the light of Poland in the spring and the autumn.

    2012 Wednesday, November 14th, Odeon, 9:00 pm - Friday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 3:00 pm


    Italy 2012 36'
    Directed by: Alessandro Baltera, Matteo Tortone
    From the depths of an exhausted mine to the village on Lake Victoria where a tourist resort is going to be built, to exorcisms in the suburbs of Dar Es Salaam. Divided into three parts, Swahili Tales tells us the stories of people who are left at the margins of progress and history. Following the traces of old and new colonialism, of the survival techniques and of the ghosts of white men, the two authors venture on the roads of a rich and repeatedly plundered continent, which is nonetheless still capable of creating life.

    2012 Tuesday, November 13th, Odeon, 6:00 pm - Saturday, November 17th, Spazio Uno, 5:00 pm


    France 2012 7'
    Directed by: Jean-Gabriel Périot
    A touching sequence of faces of African-American citizens during the civil rights marches and the emergence of the Black Panthers movement. Filmed by the cameramen of the time during the rallies, the clashes with the police or the spontaneous gatherings along the streets, the faces of charismatic leaders and anonymous supporters of the cause have become eternal, even if they only met the eye of the camera for a brief instant. Angry or smiling, but always resolute: the face of the devil is beautiful for its fierceness.

    2012 Thursday, November 15th, Odeon, 6:30 pm - Saturday, November 17th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm


    USA 2011 19'
    Directed by: Nellie Kluz
    In this short piece of direct cinema Nelle Klutz reconstructs a peculiar sports community. They are the fans of pigeon races in a small town in New England. Their sports time is spent buying, exchanging, and training the birds. And then the races: lengthy hours must go by from the moment of the birds release up to their return home, while the “contestants” drink, eat, and talk, discussing statistics and checking their maps.

    2012 Sunday, November 11th, Odeon, 3:00 pm - Monday, November 12th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

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