Florence October 10th – 17th, 2017

International documentary film festival

Doc at Work is a laboratory of ideas open to anyone who wants to learn all about documentaries. The program includes meetings with the authors attending the festival, presentation of books, DVDs and events, panel discussions and debates, workshops for those who want to deepen their knowledge in various aspects of film technique or with the rules of the market.


We offer seminars and workshops, held by internationally renowned professionals, aimed at those to those interested in deepening knowledge of technical and formal aspects of filmmaking.

List of workshops and masterclasses held in the past editions:

  • "On Truth and Fiction in Documentary Cinema" - Workshop by Jos de Putter
  • "The First Five Minutes: How to Start Your Doc" - Workshop by Jan Rofekamp
  • "Documentary Storytelling - La forma delle storie" - Workshop by Roberto Malfagia ("La jetée")
  • “Making Movies: The Mind at Work - From the Development of a Project to the Editing Process” - Workshop by Dominique Auvray
  • "I Have Made a Film, What Now? Tips and Tricks on Festival Strategy" - Masterclass by Rada Sesic
  • "The Empathic Camera" - Workshop by Wojciech Staroń
  • "Design Your Story" - Storytelling and Documentary Cinema" - Workshop by Roberto Malfagia ("La jetée") and Ilaria Malagutti ("Mammut Film")
  • "On The Ground - The Future of (Online) Filmmaking" - Masterclass by Jos de Putter
  • Self-Producing & Self-Distributing Your (Egoless) Documentary” - Masterclass by Boris Mitić


From 2013 to 2015 DOC AT WORK held a co-production market where a selection of projects and rough-cuts were presented to an audience made of experts (distributors, commissioning editors, film buyers) with the purpose of co-financing and sales.

During the three editions a total of 25 projects in development and 21 rough-cut were presented. Many of these films premiered in international film festivals, others are still being completed.

Developed over three years, the co-production market is ended and, at the moment, there are no upcoming editions.


The festival videolibrary festival allows all accredited professionals in convenient locations to view the film included in the Official Selection.