Florence 12th - 19th November 2011

International documentary film festival

Accreditation request

Ufficio Accrediti: Luca Pavan


The deadline for accreditation requests is strictly November 13th, 2016.

The Festival offers four types of accreditation:

  • Student Accreditation: (reserved to University students) free access to all the festival screenings, 10% discount on the workshop fees
  • Press Accreditation: free access to all the festival screenings and to the festival video library
  • Festival Accreditation: (reserved to Teachers, Cultural Associations) access to all the festival screenings, 10% discount on the workshop fees: Price € 15,00
  • Professional Accreditation: (reserved to Film Professionals) access to all the festival screenings, to the festival video library, lectures, 10% discount on the workshop fees: Price € 25,00

Please note: for the PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION and the PRESS ACCREDITATION 1 photo of the pass holder is required (JPG format).

Student Accreditation Request

The students who want to get the accreditation must attach to the Accreditation Request a letter of their referring Teacher on headed paper of the University (PDF format).

The professor who want to ask for accreditation for a group of students must send a list (deadline: November 13th, 2016) with students' names and email addresses at:

How to collect and use your badge

You can collect your accreditation badge at the Accreditation Desk of the festival. The payment of the PROFESSIONAL and FESTIVAL ACCREDITATION must be at the moment of the withdrawal.

Before entering the cinema hall, please collect your free ticket at ticket booth of the cinema showing your badge. 

Accreditation does not include the right to reserved seats in the cinema hall. The entry in the cinema hall is guaranteed on a first come first served basis. 

At the end of the afternoon program (around 8.30 pm) the audience must leave the cinema hall for technical checks.


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