Firenze 27 novembre – 4 dicembre 2015

Festival Internazionale del film documentario


  • >>>>Doc at Work Tutor

    Stefano Tealdi established production company Stefilm in 1985. He produces or directs documentary features and series, including Vinylmania (Rotterdam FF 2012), Char, No Man’s Island (Berlinale Forum 2013) and The Queen of Silence (IDFA, Krakow FF best doc). EAVE graduate, he chaired the European Documentary Network EDN and directs Documentary in Europe. He tutors for Biennale Cinema College, Cannes Film Festival, Durban FilmMart, EDN, ESoDoc, Media Business School, Med Film Factory, Scuola Holden, Torino Film Lab, Films des 3Continents – Produire au Sud, Zelig Film School.

  • >>>Doc at Work Tutor

    Leena Pasanen is the director of Dok Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. She is former director of Finnish Institute in Budapest and Finland’s cultural attaché in Hungary, former head of factual programs in YLE Teema based in Helsinki and former director of EDN, European Documentary Network based in Copenhagen.
    Pasanen has been a regular expert, tutor and lecturer for several training programs, for example EDN, Discovery Campus, EURODOC and Television Business School. She’s been a member of the board of IDFA Forum, INPUT and the Bonnier’s Journalistic Award in Finland and served as a jury member for several international festivals, among others Sundance and IDFA.

  • >>Doc at Work Tutor

    Filmmaker, lecturer, critic and curator. Member of selection at IDFA, and program advisor of IFF Rotterdam. Member of selection at Hubert Bals Fund. Head of documentary competition at Sarajevo FF, cohead of Docu Rough Cut Boutique.
    Lectured on cinema at The University of Amsterdam, associated to the Master of the Dutch Film Academy . Artistic director of the Eastern Neighbours FF in The Hague. Mentor at several documentary workshops in Europe and Asia. Films: Room Without a View, 1997, Soske, 2001, In Whitest Solitude, 2001, The Way to School, 2007, selected for 60 festivals, screened and archived at MoMA New York, won several awards.

  • >Doc at Work Tutor

    Self-taught documentary filmmaker, producer, distributor, lecturer, blitz-chess player, street football playmaker and triple super father, living from the money that he loses by making films. Currently (read: in the last 5 years) indulging in creating a megalomaniac documentary about Nothing, narrated by Nothing, filmed by 100+ complementary cinematographers from around the world and pre-sold, of course, to the largest broadcasters and art museums.


  • Anastasia Plazzotta
    Feltrinelli Real Cinema / Wanted (Italy)

    Real Cinema distributes in dvd a selection among the best international documentaries, with a strong focus on arts and music.
    Wanted distributes cherished and valued feature docs: films, often undercovered, that fearlessly face uncomfortable topcis; cinematically challenging and sophisticated titles; films that we need but somehow are still missing; high quality films, always and necessarily.

  • Anne Charbonnel
    Arte France - Society and Culture Department (France)

    ARTE is a public television channel that broadcasts simultaneously in France, Germany and throughout Europe in both French and German. Subdivided into three main companies : ARTE France, ARTE Deutschland, and ARTE GEIE. ARTE showcases Europe's rich cultural diversity. In-depth, sensitive, and creative documentaries account for more than 50% of ARTE's programming.
    Since its creation, ARTE France supported documentaries on French TV acting as a major co-producer and investor. The Society and Culture Department provides documentaries for the following slots: Society, History, Investigative documentaries, geopolitics and cultural documentaries (apart from painting, music and dance).

  • Anton Calleja

    Eurimages is the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe. Established in 1989, it currently numbers 36 of the 47 member states of the Strasbourg-based Organisation. Eurimages promotes the European audiovisual industry by providing financial support to feature films, animations and documentaries produced in Europe. In doing so, it encourages co-operation between professionals established in different European countries.

  • Charlotte Gry Madsen
    SVT (Sweden)

    SVT is the Swedish public service broadcaster with the widest range of programming in Sweden. SVT has a strong documentary tradition and the documentary department serves three weekly slots with an output of more than 100 new titles a year. SVT's culture department also has a weekly arts & culture slot, K special. Additional international programming is acquired by SVT's acquisition department.

  • Fabio Mancini
    Rai 3 – Doc 3 (Italy)

    Doc3, inside RAI3, is a 50’ slot entirely dedicated to broadcast documentaries. We are requesting features either from a thematic point of view, or a stylistic one. We try to narrate the contemporary human condition, through individual stories with a relevant social background. A specific interest is dedicated to the situations where contradictions, conflicts and transformations are involved, so that a critical approach to the society can be encouraged. From a stylistic point of view we believe in the classical documentary’s resources, based on a mix of real life shooting and interviews, keeping afar either from the journalistic.

  • Guido Casali
    Sky Arte (Italy)

    Sky Arte HD is the first 360 degrees entertaining and educational channel of Italian and international art. The channel has a new, smart point of view on every art: painting, sculpture, literature, music, theatre, dancing, photography, architecture, design, cinema, comics.
    Sky Arte HD tells stories about the world of art from a new point of view, with an innovative and contemporary language, far from the didactic approach.
    Versatile schedule, new formats and unexpected testimonials will share with our viewers their passion for Art and wants to be an “up to date” channel, close to a wide audience of curious people, not only dedicated to a small elite. The channel is HD standalone, with 98% HD native contents.

  • Silvana Bezzola
    RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana (Switzerland)

    RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera: thanks to its public-service mandate from the Federal Government, SRG SSR idée suisse – the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation – is a driving force and mirror of Swiss life. As an integral part of Swiss society, the broadcaster promotes culture, economic activity, entertainment and sport. RSI contributes to the Swiss national identity and supports cohesion by promoting the specific nature of the Italian language and culture. Two television channels and three radio stations enable RSI to offer a quality product that reflects people’s interests and needs.

  • Stefan Kloos
    Rise&Shine World Sales / Kloos & Co. Medien (Germany)

    Stefan Kloos is the managing director of both, Rise&Shine World Sales and Kloos & Co. Medien, one of the most active German production companies for international coproductions for cinema and TV. Rise&Shine World Sales World Sales is one of the leading boutique sales agents for documentaries taking an average of ca. 15 films per year to all markets incl. cinema and TV.

  • Thierry Detaille
    Ventes-CBA WIP-Sales (Belgium)

    Ventes-CBAWIP-Sales,, Belgian docs exports, was initiated in 1998 as sales unit of WIP and CBA, two associations dedicated to belgian based producers and directors, and to promote creativity and accessibility to TV, partnerships abroad with producers and channels.
    Visible film, International sales & presales, gap-finances 6 projects, releases 10 new completed films a year, and focuses on one-off, feature length with TV reversion, contemporary society, human interest, geopolitics, current affairs, and history mini-series. Its unique selling point resides in an extensive expertise and decision making to main co-production markets and pitching forums in all european regions along with Commissioning editors, and the building a strong network of producers with International coproduction in mind.Visible Film is the co-founder of Edudoc, european platform for Educationnal VOD.

  • Vanina Susini
    TV3 Corse – ViaStella (France)

    Vanina Susini is head of programming of France 3 Via Stella and member of the documentaries election committee. France 3 Via Stella is a regional channel of France Television, broadcast on local dtv in Corsica and satellite-cable in France, specialized in Corsican and Mediterranean subjects.

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