Selected projects

  • Aylesbury Estate, by Carlotta Berti (R4Real Production)

  • Bosco, by Alicia Cano (Mutante Cine, Mybosswas)

  • The Caveman, by Tommaso Landucci (DocLab Prod.)

  • Mugello, The Roaring Nights, by Marta Innocenti (Echivisivi)

  • The One and The Many – The Theatre of the Impossible, by Inaya Graciana Yusuf (Slow Your Roll Films Prod.)

  • The Time Will Come, by Bartolomeo Pampaloni (Graffiti Doc Prod.)

Two of the six candidate projects will participate in an Italian Showcase organized by the Festival dei Popoli with the support of the Toscana Film Commission on the occasion of the 2020 edition of Doc Corner, a space dedicated to documentary professionals in the prestigious context of the Marché du Film hosted by Cannes Film Festival.

The “Doc at Work” project iis cofounded by the “Sensi Contemporanei Cinema – Bando progetti di internazionalizzazione 2019” Programme, with the support of the Toscana Film Commission, CNA Toscana, CNA Firenze Metropolitana.