Florence 13rd - 20th November 2010

International documentary film festival

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‘This is my land… Hebron’, In the dark heart of the West Bank

Wednesday November 17th, day 5 of the 51st Festival dei Popoli kicks off Florence’s first-ever Italian Doc Screenings, the largest event dedicated to Italian documentaries, with over 40 international broadcasters. From now till November 20th in the auditorium of Sant’Apollonia (via San Gallo), 42 international experts, including television representatives, producers and distributors along with 150 Italian professionals will gather to present various film projects. The event consists of meetings and public talks with leading international figures in the field of documentary filmmaking. The event is made possible by Doc/it, Fondazione Sistema Toscana - Mediateca Toscana Film Commission, Ministry of Economic Development, ICE – National Institute for Foreign Commerce, Apt, the Florence municipality and the Convention Bureau.

At Cinema Odeon (piazza Strozzi) screenings begin at 3 pm with three short films in the international competition. "Blue Sky. Dark bread" by Ilya Tomashevich (Italian premiere), set in cold-war Russia during the wheat harvest. Daily labor is transformed into a poem that praises the fruits of the earth. "Holding Still" by Florian Riegel (Italian premiere), the story of Janis Sawyer, a woman from Seaside (Florida) whose life has been marked by unspeakable tragedy. Finally, "…e invece era una volpe" by Alessandra Locatelli (world premiere), a film that embodies the world through the eyes of a small mountain village.

At 5 pm "Et si" by Serge Lalou (feature-length competition, world premiere), the story of an elderly man who leaves home in search of a new life.

At 7:30 pm "Cesky Mir" by Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda (free style, Italian premiere), in collaboration with the CCCS as part of the project "Portraits and Power: People, Politics and Structures." The film is set in Torkavec, a small village in the Czech Republic, the construction site of America’s 762nd military base. The town’s mayor tries to stop construction, giving way to a number of polemics, violent encounters, and exhilarating revelations. Irreverent and wise, Vit Klusák and Filip Remunda shed light on the ways in which geopolitical machinations damage the lives of individuals.

At 9:30 pm "Safar-e-sabaz (Green Journey)" by Linda Dorigo (short competition, world premiere), a look at Iran through the eyes of a young Iranian who leaves Tehran, headed for Istanbul on board the TransAsia Express. Followed by the world premiere of "This is my land… Hebron" by Giulia Amati and Stephen Natanson (feature competition), an implacable journey to discover the most noble, monstrous and contradictory features of mankind, a harrowing look at Palestine, the holy (and damned) land, promised to and contested by too many people.

At Spazio Uno second screenings of "Greek Salad" and "Content" will begin at 10 am and‘A falta que me faz’ at 3 pm. At 5 pm, for the Peter Mettler retrospective, "The Top of his Head" will be shown. Protagonist Gus Victor is a representative of antenna satellites whose life is thrown into a quandary when he happens to meet Lucy, a “performance artist” who involves people unawares in her “aesthetic terrorism” events.

At 7 pm, the second screening of "Amanar Tamasheq" and "Nostalgia de la Luz."

At 9 pm, "Tra terra e cielo" by Joseph Péaquin (Italian Panorama, world premiere), set in the Valle d’Aosta woods, frequented by people wise in the ways of natural medicine.

Extra Events: at Odeon Bisto, 11 am, the presentation of "Africa Bomber," a book by writer-journalist Goffredo De Pascale. The book tells the story of Kalas, a 17 year old African who flees Nigeria and, after several risky adventures, winds up in Perugia, where his skills as a soccer player earn him a place on a second division team. At 12:00 the regular meetings with directors at the festival (in the Hall of Mirrors).

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