Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival



A film by Mario Carbone (Italy, 1966, 23')
Odeon, 11:15 am - FREE ENTRANCE - with Mario Carbone in-person
The film documents the aftermath of the flooding of Florence in November 1966: the devastation of the city by water and mud; the arrival of the first aid from nearby towns and soldiers, the artistic, cultural and economic damage, the work carried out spontaneously by young people, especially at the National Library. The commentary, written by Vasco Pratolini is read by Giorgio Albertazzi.

A film by Duccio Ricciardelli, Tayu Vlietstra (Italy , 2014, 52')
Odeon, 11:15 am - FREE ENTRANCE - with Tayu Vlietstra in-person
The river Arno was the reason for the birth of Florence, its lifeblood, the main way for transports, the driving force of its industries. But it is also a symbol of the city, with its bridges, the buildings and streets that surround it: the Lungarni. Maldarno tells a deep bond, a "disease" that ties closely the Florentine people to their river.

A film by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd (Belgium/France, 2014, 77')
Odeon, 3:00 pm
In a poetic and evocative style, Vandeweerd filmed the place where he has lived for years, the Lozère mountains. This is one the most forsaken sites of France, plagued by terrible snow storms and blizzards. The several local myths and stories of lost men and ancestral presences are likely based on them. The film makes the meaning of a territory, its story and atmosphere, visible.

PHOTOFINISH. Una stagione alle corse
A film by Chiara Campara, Davide Cipolat, Giovanni Dall’Avo Manfroni, Lorenzo Faggi (Italy, 2014, 30’)
Odeon, 4:45 pm - with the directors in-person

Selling and buying the “beautiful beast” by auction. Betting on the “beautiful beast”. Racing as fast as lightning on the “beautiful beast”. Cheering and screaming its evocative name in a photo finish. These are the verbs that govern the racetrack of Milan and the training center of Trenno, and the “beautiful beasts” are purebred horses among the most beautiful in the world.

A fIlm by Gustavo Vinagre (Brasil , 2014, 19')
Odeon, 4:45 pm
An old Cuban revolutionary and his ethical world; a small kiosk of sundries from where Lázaro observes and comments on the world around him, in the unique scenario of Cuba. Human relationships, choices in life and memories of the revolution mingle with conversations on fruit and goods in the store, until the phone company installs a telephone for the first time and Lázaro has to decide who he wants to call first…

A film by Guido Hendrikx (Netherlands, 2013, 19')
Odeon, 4:45 pm
Synopsis: In the Netherlands, it takes three weeks to transform a man into an officer specialized in the forced return of refused asylum-seekers. This film follows the recruits' first simulations and first escort on a scheduled flight. It takes on the outlook of young officers who are learning to do their duty and practise a “humane violence”, leaving doubts and emotions outside their uniforms.

A film by Alexander Nanau (Romania, 2014, 93’)
Odeon, 6:30 pm
Can you escape your destiny? Toto learns to dance hip hop and to read and write while his mother is in jail. Ana and Andrea, his elder sisters, are looking for some substance different from the one everybody is injecting in their veins in this, their milieu. A different world is possible if you are born on the side of those who can afford choices. Toto and his sisters remind us that another world is at times necessary. Even trying is beautiful.

A film by Frédéric Tcheng (France, 2014, 90’)
Odeon, 9 pm
Christian Dior has built a fashion empire in just ten years. In 2012 Raf Simons, debuting in the haute couture, has taken up the challenge posed by the legendary French fashion house when he was appointed as the new artistic director: in eight weeks has created his first collection. With a privileged and unprecedented perspective, we will enter Dior atelier, understand how it works, starting from the creative process, getting to know the tireless work of the tailors, and finally see the memorable presentation of the debut collection by Raf Simons.

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