Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival


Vincent Dieutre is deeply tied to Italy. This relationship is interwoven between his troubled personal history and the social, political, and cultural dynamics that have affected Italian history from the late 1970’s onwards. From Bologna to Palermo, from Rome to Naples, Vincent Dieutre has managed to describe the Italy of the years of terrorism as well as the Era of Berlusconi through the lens of his interest in the arts, the theme of homosexuality, and the inner developments of his personal universe.
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The films by Vincent Dieutre which will be presented at the 55th Festival dei Popoli.

1995 - ROME DÉSOLÉE (Desolate Rome
The Eighties. A tale of Rome made of train stations, dark alleys, graffiti on walls and grey skies, in which dull walkways a young homosexual tells his confessions crosses, starting from the Termini Station, a city made of stories of illnesses, deaths, loves, solitude. An intimate and detailed diary of sexual meetings where there is no place for feelings and weaknesses are fought back with alcohol and drugs.

2000 - LEÇONS DE TÉNÈBRES (Tenebrae Lessons)

“The Nineties had a pretty bad start”, this is how Vincent Dieutre introduces us to the shadows of his personal universe in those years going through Utrecht, Naples and Rome. In three chapters and two love stories, this geographical and sentimental trip is also a quest for the research of beauty through the shadowy art and Caravaggio, his main initiator.

Twenty years after his stay in Bologna, from 1977 to 1980, Vincent Dieutre goes back to the city in which he had his first homosexual love and start using drugs. The filmmaker retraces, through a diary-film, the memories of his youth spent close to the far left wing during the anni di piombo and their ideologies, which degenerated into violence in that period, and finally died in the era of Berlusconi.

"December 2008, Rome, Villa Médicis. It’s raining. I’m waiting for someone; he is here now. I feel alright. It’s still raining". (v.d.)

2013 - ORLANDO FERITO / Roland Wounded

In 1975, Pasolini bitterly proclaimed the extinction of fireflies, symbolizing the pure and uncorrupt people, due to the birth of a new fascism originating the cultural and political death of the western world. After almost forty years, Dieutre lands in a Sicily marked by mafia, marginalities, homosexuality seen as a shame and the stories of migrants approaching Lampedusa and he will find right there a chance of survival and social reorganization. He will discover that fireflies have not already disappeared.

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