Florence November 28th – December 5th 2014

International documentary film festival


A film by Jos de Putter (The Netherlands, 2008, 8')
Inspired from a poem by Johanna Kruit, this short film – part of a collective project entitled Poems from the Sea – is poetry in pictures. On one hand, it records fragments of talks caught in the street, flashes of lives passing by. On the other hand, it shows the bus stops in the province of Zeeland, the patient, welcoming witnesses of our lives.

A film by Jos de Putter (The Netherlands,1993, 70')
This is the last year of work of an elderly couple of farmers. They are bequeathing the land that has been farmed by their family for more than 100 years, to heirs who have decided to do something else. This film is a beautiful fresco on a world and culture that is vanishing. Neither rancour nor sadness are to be found. In contrast, it is imperative to keep moving, put everything in place, understand the way of the world, and transform every day into "a lovely day".
Spazio Alfieri, 3.00 pm - with Jos de Putter in-person.

A film by Bartosz Dombrowski (Poland, 2014, 81')
Spazio Alfieri, 5.00 pm
According to a famous, between each one of us and any other person in the world there is a maximum of 6 degrees of separation. This film wants to prove it: can a randomly chosen person reach another one, in any part of the world, following just six passages? What do a randomly chosen Polish young punk singer and Mexican farmer have in common? 

A LIAR'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY - The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman
A film by Bill Jones, Jeff Simpson, Ben Timlett (UK, 2012, 85') 

Spazio Alfieri, 7.00 pm
Graham Chapman wrote a declaredly ‘imaginary’ autobiography. A few years before his death, he providentially recorded his own reading of his text. More than twenty years later, three different film-makers co-directed an animation film made of chapters that were produced by more than a dozen different production companies. That forgotten trace, Chapman’s voice, is the Leitmotiv and an elastic framework of their re-writing; the text serves as raw material of the narrative.

A film by Michele Fornasero (Italy/Switzerland, 2014, 90') 

Spazio Alfieri, 9.00 pm - with Michele Fornasero in-person.
After having stolen millions of clients from the tobacco corporations, especially from Philip Morris, selling cigarettes online all over the world, the Messina brothers decide to open their own factory in the outskirts of Turin to earn Italian market shares and to fight the big brands head to head.

A film by Daniele Atzeni (Italy, 2011, 32') 

Spazio Alfieri, 11.00 pm
A completely abandoned Sardinian village becomes the setting of an apocalyptic story, the posthumous diary of an imagined disaster. In order to narrate it, the film director opted for a documentary style but enhanced the narrative with elements from the purest horror genre.

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