Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival


10:00 am - International Competition

by Thierry Knauff
Belgium, 2015, 39’

Vita Brevis is a poem of the moment, an evocation of the fragile and fleeting dance of life” (T. Knauff). This film, made as a jazz score in which improvising musicians are both human and natural elements, it’s a mesmerizing and sur- prising hymn to life as a whole and as evanescent beauty. Spread your wings and try to dance, too.

10:00 am - International Competition

by Jean-Jacques Martinod, Kyle Bell

USA, 2015, 19’

The last summer of a drive-in that screens motion pictures on film. Ozoners dwells on the melancholy atmosphere of a season drawing to a close. It captures the details, such as the manuality, the noise of film slippage, the obsolete ma- chineries still in use. With a nostalgic look, Ozoners outlines the portrait of an ‘America’ that is no more.

10:00 am - International Competition

by Eleanor Mortimer

UK, 2015, 17’
Gibraltar is not ruled by the Queen of England or the Spaniards, but by monkeys. Monkeys became so prevalent in dominating the territory that it was found the need to employ some people to keep them at bay and to push them out of town with the help of some blowpipes. In this film we can observe a day in the life of these apes, which, as in a play of Police and Thieves, try any kind of strategy to fool their “tamers”.

11:30 am - International Competition

by Annett Ilijew

Germania, 2015, 91’

Andres goes back to Cuba after spending two months in Germany. His project is filming the life of people in Marianao, a suburb of La Habana. Somos Cuba is a selection of the images filmed by Andres from 2008 to 2014. In a painful micro-world, strangled by poverty, little Leyda grows up and becomes aware of herself. un microcosmo dolente, soffocato dall’indigenza, la piccola Leydis cresce e prende coscienza di sé. The dreams and the remarks of the girl ex- pose the contradictions of an insecure world, a urban nightmare feeding on innocence.

15:00 pm - International Competition

On Football

by Sergio Oksman

Spagna, 2015, 68’
Football as passion and obsession but also as a wire sewing a relationship. The games of the football World Cup (Brazil, 2014) mark the days spent together by a father and a son (the director) after years far from each other. On the sofa, in the car, behind the counter of a bar or in a hospital bed, the scores of the matches mark the passing of time. In this renewed vicinity, the son reconciles with the father, forgiving his past and mutating his present.

4:30 pm - International Competition

Among Us

by Guido Hendrikx

Netherlands, 2015, 24’
Guido Hendrikx faces a dark and disturbing topic in the contemporary horizon: pedophilia. The story is told by the voices of three cases of “responsible pedo- philes”, who with lucidity express with their words their torments but also their unspeakable emotions. The visual counterpoint of the words is a stream of images that takes the rhythm of the voices. The images take sharper edges or, on the contrary, fade into vague visions of fog according to the prevalence of the rational idea or the emotional.

4:30 pm - International Competition

The Letters

by Pablo Chavarría Gutiérrez

Mexico, 2015, 72’
June 2000, Simojovel municipality, in the North of Chiapas. A few policemen are killed in an ambush. Alberto Patishtan, a native from the tzotzil ethnic group, is charged with the murders and condemned to 60 years in jail. Departing from the re-evocation and re-enactment of events that upset the entire community, this film resorts to expres- sionistic, experimental, and evocative devices to immerse in the crime scene and the colours, atmospheres, and ghosts of a faraway rural community of Chiapas.

6:30 pm - International Competition

The Conversation

by Anastasia Novikova

Russia, 2015, 21’
Valentin Stepanovich is the one and only inhabitant of a forsaken place. The City is a metallic sound from the radio. In the solitude of such a remote place, Valentin can only keep on dialling the same phone number and wait for the only healing voice, i.e. the voice of his beloved. Until when, suddenly, his own phone rings, breaking the silence.

6:30 pm - International Competition

Waiting Room

by Palo Korec

Slovak Republic, 2015, 73’
By way of a series of ingenious and unpredictable ‘variations on the theme,’ the film demolishes the cliché according to which waiting is an empty moment, deeply boring and basically useless. On the contrary, the sharp gaze of cinema unravels how waiting condenses in itself intense emotions, subtle transformations of one’s state of mind, and silences filled with meaning.

9:30 pm – The Correspondent

by Tu Qiao

Netherlands, 2015, 15’

Tian Yu was seventeen when, in early 2010, she left rural China and headed to the metropolis of Shenzhen. There she began working for Foxconn. One of the world’s biggest companies, Foxconn produces among other things iPhones and iPads in astounding quantities. In 2010 Tian Yu jumped off the roof of a Foxconn building. She was not the only one: that fatal year some eighteen exhausted and overworked employees jumped from the factory buildings of Foxconn. The film offers a unique glimpse into the lives of people who make our iPhones in China.
9:30 pm – Special Events

by Sebastiano Luca Insinga

Italy, 2015, 70’
May 13th, 1994, came out an album that marked a before and an after in the Italian rock music: Catartica by Marlene Kuntz. Twenty years after the band of Cuneobrings back to the audience all the songs from that album in a tour all over Italy. The film follows the tour of Catartica 994/014 all along the peninsula and tells the story of twenty five years of the band’s career.

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