Florence November 3rd - 10th 2018

International documentary film festival

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A 21st Century Mona Lisa is the symbol of the 59th Festival dei Popoli, the international documentary film festival which will be held in Florence from 3 to 10 November (La Compagnia, Spazio Alfieri, French Institute and other places in the city).

The event, chaired by Vittorio Iervese and directed by Alberto Lastrucci, aims to present the best of international documentary cinema.

On the poster, an enigmatic protagonist stares at us with a proud but calm gaze. Her attitude seems available to let us admire the colorful landscapes that adorn her skin. In exchange, however, she asks to accompany us on a journey, through the 88 films that make up the programme of the 2018 edition, to discover the countless paths that lead to her (and our) future.

Created by "Frankenstein - Digital Life Projects" communication agency, the festival cover connects to the film paths of the 2018 edition, where reality, fiction, web and virtuality meet together to give life to new forms of narration.

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