Florence November 3rd - 10th 2018

International documentary film festival

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Documentary screenings for children and young audiences

KinderDocs is a documentary festival of award-winning films made for children and teenagers, as well as their friends, teachers, and parents. Discover the magic of documentaries, explore new ways of communication, get inspired by stories we all care about, have fun.

Each film is a story on teenage life – friendship, family, education, social media, creativity, art, music, dance, migration, environment – an opportunity to enter the colourful world of kids and teenagers.

Founded in 2016 by Dimitra Kouzi, KinderDocs premiered for its third season in October 2018 in Greece, in collaboration with the Benaki Museum (Athens) and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki), supported by the biggest documentary festivals in Europe – IDFA (The Netherlands) and DOCX! (Germany).

For the Festival Dei Popoli is an honour to host this collaboration and be able to reach out and interact with the children and youth of Florence.

All screenings are free admission for children under 18.


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