Florence, 1st- 7th November 2009

International documentary film festival

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    Les Arbitres

    Belgium 2009 77'
    Directed by: Yves Hinant, Eric Cardot, Delphine Lehericey
    June 2008. Switzerland and Austria get overrun by a horde of shouting fans, some soccer players and many tv cameras: it is the big circus of the European Soccer Championship. In the middle of this mass of people some men dressed in a different colour hang about, the referees. Skipping from terror to ambition, from physical strength and death threats, this enthralling movie describes, in the form of an epic tale, the hidden side of soccer, seen from the referee’s point of view, and their destinies hanging by a whistle.

    2009 Monday November 2nd, Odeon, 9:00 PM

    Il rovescio della medaglia

    Switzerland 1974 48'
    Directed by: Alvaro Bizzarri
    In the early 70s, Biel/Bienne was a small Swiss city that guidebooks defined as modern and expanding, yet there one also finds a refuge, work and business as much as tourism. Behind the happy façade a completely different place lurks, where seasonal workers are put up in unhealthy shanties, forced to be apart from their families, and given no legal protection at work.

    2009 Tuesday November 3rd, Spazio Uno, 5:30 PM

    Pagine di vita dell'emigrazione

    Switzerland 1976 54'
    Directed by: Alvaro Bizzarri
    From 1970 to 1990, Alvaro Bizzarri filmed the harsh living and working conditions of immigrants in Switzerland. Made in 1976 as a fiction film, in “Pagine di vita dell’emigrazione” the emigrants interpret their own lives. By honing in on the exposed roots of the felled trees, the filmmaker introduces a concept of uprooted ness, followed by images of the lonely and difficult process of integrating into a new country.

    2009 Tuesday November 3rd, Spazio Uno, 5:30 PM

    Alpha and Again

    United Kingdom 2009 82'
    Directed by: Isacki Lacuesta, Isa Campo
    Alpha is a political refugee from Darfur living in Melbourne. Starting from his personal experience, the film ventures into a series of endless digressions, showing how Australia, a country built with the sweat of immigrants, refugee camps and detention centers for illegal immigrants (visible on earth, invisible on Google Earth), is today worthy of a story by Kafka.

    2009 Thursday November 5th, Odeon, 9:30 PM

    Human Terrain

    USA 2009 70'
    Directed by: James Der Derian, David Udris, Michael Udris
    Trying to understand why «they are hated», the US army based in Iraq and Afghanistan adopts a new strategy and commits some University researchers to study the ways to conquer minds and hearts of the local people. This is how the controversial and highly questioned Human Terrain Systems program is born, bringing University on the battlefield, with its inevitable tribute to war in Universities.

    2009 Friday November 6th, Odeon, 5:00 PM

    All Tomorrow's Parties

    United Kingdom 2009 82'
    Directed by: Jonathan Caouette, All Tomorrow's People
    All Tomorrow’s Parties is a Music Festival whose the main peculiarity resides on the idea of entrusting the choice of participants to the musician or band curator of that year’s edition. The film results from editing some shots realized in super8, with camcorders and video mobiles by more than two hundred filmmakers, musicians and fans of the event.

    Featuring: Belle And Sebastian, Grizzly Bear, Sonic Youth, Battles, Portishead, Daniel Johnston, Grinderman, Lightning Bolt, David Cross, Animal Collective, The Boredoms, Les Savy Fav, Mogwai, Octopus Project, Slint, The Dirty Three, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Gossip, GZA, Roscoe Mitchell, Seasick Steve, Iggy and the Stooges, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Fuck Buttons, Micah P Hinson, Two Gallants, Mars Volta, Akron/Family, Jah Shaka, Saul Williams, Shellac, Patti Smith, John Cooper Clark.

    2009 Wednesday November 4th, Odeon, 9:00 PM

    Crollo nervoso – la New Wave italiana degli anni ‘80

    Italy 2008 54'
    Directed by: Pierpaolo De Iulis
    Riding the world-wide, epileptic shock waves that the punk movement made on the US and British music scene, Italy too underwent a late Seventies musical renaissance. The peninsula, long in the hands of singer-songwriters and drifting about to less innovative progressive music, awoke to its own torpor. Two cities were the epicenters of this artistic revolution: Bologna and Florence. Thus began the stories of bands like Skiantos, Litfiba, Gaz Nevada and Diaframma.

    2009 Tuesday October 27th, Odeon, 9:00 PM

    Santiago tiene una pena

    Chile 2008 40'
    Directed by: Diego Riquelme Davidson, Felipe Orellana Peña
    A group portrait of three characters, an entire city and, alongside it, an entire culture. Three street musicians sing the songs of Violeta Parra and Victor Jara in the chaotic backstreets of Santiago di Chile, on buses and among the sidewalk crowds. That music and its lyrics still retain a power and are able, perhaps only for a moment, to stop time and call up a memory, to remember the culture of a people that is ever at risk of being forgotten

    2009 Monday November 2nd, Spazio Uno, 9:00 PM

    Soundtrack for a Revolution

    USA 2009 82'
    Directed by: Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman
    If every movement needs its own rhythm, then «the black revolution» had a whole soundtrack of its own. Through the testimonies of the main actors of those days, some archive documents and intense musical interpretations, this movie tells about the American movement struggle for human civil rights through the songs sung at events, meetings and in prisons. Songs made of freedom, hope, justice, equality and irrepressible energy.

    Featuring: The Roots, John Legend, Wyclef Jean, Joss Stone, Angie Stone, Richie Havens, Harry Belafonte.

    2009 Saturday November 7th, Odeon, 9:00 PM

    We Don't Care About the Music Anyway

    France 2009 80'
    Directed by: Cédric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz
    In Tokyo, eight musicians talk about their work, their inspirations, the connection between their musical performances and the shapes of the city. The ambience, captured by extremely artificial images, seems to be the very source of the musicians’ live performance compositions, in the same vein of urban junk, when things cease being designs and become detritus. The music abandons its playful quality and becomes an experiment and a warning.

    2009 Sunday November 1st, Spazio Uno, 7:30 PM

    Woodstock; Now and Then

    USA 2009 88'
    Directed by: Barbara Kopple
    Woodstock Festival, August 1969. After forty years the «Three days of peace and music» still arise curiosity and emotion, especially when told by the direct protagonists: Michael Lang, the creator of the Festival, Michael Wadleigh, the director of the concert-film, and dozens of people who can proudly smile and say “I was there!”. Anecdotes, testimonies and inedited shooting piece together the off-stage of the most famous concert in the history of rock.

    2009 Sunday November 1st, Odeon, 9:30 PM

    Zanzibar Musical Club

    France 2009 85'
    Directed by: Philippe Gasnier, Patrice Nezan
    A travel film less about a change of setting, flitting past the audience’s eyes, and more about the sounds, the many kinds of music that pass through the Zanzibar Musical Club. Here, men and women meet, united by their passion for an ancient music, music of multiple forms, whose ancient roots go back to Indian, Arab, European and African culture. Faces and sounds follow one another in a musical trip that is ancient and modern at the same time.

    2009 Monday November 2nd, Spazio Uno, 9:45 PM

  • Wagah

    Germany/India/Pakistan 2009 13'
    Directed by: Supriyo Sen
    Between India and Pakistan, countries separated by a borderline spanning thousands of kilometers, there exists only one possible point of entry. Every night this place becomes a stage for extraordinary events: before taking down the national flags and closing the gate, the border guards, dressed in uniform, put on a very real military parade in which thousands of people on both sides participate.

    2009 Wednesday November 4th, Odeon, 3:00PM - Friday November 6th, Spazio Uno, 10:30 AM

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