Florence 10th - 17th November 2012

International documentary film festival

    Under the Shadow of the Cross

    Italy, Spain 2012 73'
    Directed by: Alessandro Pugno
    Not far from Madrid there is the Valle de los Caidos, a memorial conceived by dictator Francisco Franco in the Fifties. This site is still today the symbol of an unresolved conflict within Spanish society. Under the cross lie 35,000 victims of the Spanish Civil War, while approximately 50 children study in the nearby boarding school: they receive an education that desperately tries to resist the drift towards secularism and scientism of contemporary Spain and of global society.

    2012 Saturday, November 17th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm


    Italy 2012 60'
    Directed by: Alessandro Penta
    Thioro doesn’t know it, but her presence alone is the trace of an encounter, of two worlds finding each other and trying to cross each other’s borders. Her mother comes from Milan and her father is from Senegal: we see Thioro moving her first steps in Northern Italy, then make the long trip to Diol Kaad, a small village east of Dakar. Thioro simply discovers the world and enjoys what is there, what she tastes, what amuses or scares her.

    2012 Saturday, November 17th, Spazio Uno, 5:00 pm

    In a Free State

    Italy 2012 73'
    Directed by: Paola Piacenza
    Zarzis TV is a web TV created by three young Tunisians after the collapse of their regime. Working with semi-amateur equipment but loads of energy, they have given a “free voice” to a city that is experiencing the contradictions stemming from the uncertainties of the present and the daily mass exoduses of people embarked for Lampedusa. The reality recorded by the three young men in their videos is as ambiguous as a rapidly-changing country can be.

    2012 Tuesday, November 13th, Spazio Uno, 9:00 pm

    The Blu Star

    Italy 2012 67'
    Directed by: Stefano Cattini
    This film describes the patient but relentless building of a private utopia by a couple who decided to move to the Tuscan Maremma. Irma, a strong-willed, impetuous woman, has an ambitious and bizarre plan. A little for love, but also for the sake of the challenge, Ilario – a reflexive, creative man – is willing to make her happy, even though there is no point of destination and they will both be eighty in a while.

    2012 Thursday, November 15th, Spazio Uno, 9:00 pm

    A Thousand and One Night

    Italy 2012 82'
    Directed by: Marco Santarelli
    A journey in the Dozza of Bologna, the jail with the most foreign inmates in Italy: the camera moves through its yards, its cells, its corridors, but, above all, it shows us the men and women waiting there. A puzzle of stories, faces and private sufferings is formed through the “little questions” – as they are called in prison slang – i.e. the forms which inmates must fill in, in order to ask for anything – from medical visits to phone calls – in an endless series of frustrations and misunderstandings.

    2012 Wednesday, November 14th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

    The Venice Syndrome

    Italy, Germany, Austria 2012 80'
    Directed by: Andreas Pichler
    Venice is trapped by its own beauty. It has 58,000 inhabitants, as against 60,000 daily visitors. Overwhelmed by the incessant swarm of tourists, who take photos without observing and who walk timing themselves, the Venetians we meet in the film guide us in a judicious, denouncing and disdainful journey. We see the behind the scenes of the Carnivals; we touch the mortar of the enchanted palaces; we experience the daily life of those who live inside the showcase in which Venice, tormented by business and marketing, languishes.

    2012 Wednesday, November 14th, Spazio Uno, 9:30 pm


    Italy, Great Britain, France 2012 70'
    Directed by: Enrico Masi
    The process of Olympic regeneration in East London as a metaphor of our age: Mike has been living on a boat floating on London’s industrial canals since his house was pulled down to make room for the new Olympic village; John is an entrepreneur; Sue, an Olympic guide, is proud of the redevelopment; the apostle Ben is a Ghanaian evangeliser in military uniform. By following their stories we explore the hidden side of the Olympic Games: is it an opportunity for urban renaissance or the apocalypse of a community?

    2012 Monday, November 12th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

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