Florence 10th - 17th November 2012

International documentary film festival

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    It was Related to Me

    Egypt, Germany, USA 2012 18'
    Directed by: Mohammad Shawky
    “It was related to me” reflects upon the complex relationship between two Egyptian brothers. Using clips from private videos, audio tracks, photos and pictures taken from popular culture, Mohammad Shawky Hassan builds a mosaic focusing on the issue of identity, without giving way to Western clichés.

    2012 Saturday, November 17th, Odeon, 3:00 pm

    Ecce Homo, a Portrait of Célestin Deliège

    Belgium 2011 90'
    Directed by: Guy-Marc Hinant, Dominique Lohlé
    Célestin Deliège (1922-2010) was one of the most important experts on music history and theory of the twentieth century. A man with an exceptional memory and a very extensive knowledge, in his old age he was affected by a serious disease which, despite weakening his body, could not affect the clearness of his mind. The film shows his meetings with important music theorists (P. Decroupet, F. Nicolas, F. Lerdahl, H. Dufourt, A. Bonnet, Ensemble Ictus) to elaborate a music theory for the 21st century.

    2012 Friday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

  • Fort Intérieur
    Deep inside

    France, Belgium 2012 43'
    Directed by: Chris Pellerin
    Three women in prison, whose faces cannot be filmed, take part in a course on self-portrait which pushes them to the extremes of introspection. A wound becomes a sign on paper, an image of the self is transformed into a figure with an uncertain outline, memories flow on the tip of a brush. The film works its way through the prison bars with empathy and discretion to fearlessly get to open others that are much deeper.

    2012 Thursday, November 15th, Istituto Francese, 6:30 pm

    Anthropometric History Book

    France 2012 69'
    Directed by: Raphael Pillosio
    It is well known that those who move end up being blurry in pictures, so it is necessary to establish fixed criteria and indisputable parameters to have a collective, clear and definite portrait. The portrait was seen as the foundation of an identity and as the pillar of an “interior visa” which in 1912 was applied by a French law to the “Gens du Voyage”, i.e. the nomads traveling through France. This film reunites these portraits with the faces and stories of their relatives. A story of power, representation and discovery.

    2012 Thursday, November 15th, Istituto Francese, 7:30 pm


    France 2012 82'
    Directed by: Vincent Dieutre
    Vincent Dieutre had a lover called Simon. There is no more trace of him, no image to remember him, but only the window of the apartment where the two met at night, to then leave each other at dawn. Vincent has put a camera on those windows to film life in the street, close to the metro station Jaurès. These are images that speak of love without showing it. Vincent watches and comments on these images with his friend Éva Truffaut, who gives a reverse-angle view of his experience.

    2012 Saturday, November 17th, Odeon, 3:00 pm


    Finland, Germany, Denmark 2012 16'
    Directed by: Jani Ruscica
    Paris and Rome are imaginary places which take shape in the images of an immigrant who explores the city with an open and curious approach. Every object and subject are the results of an encounter and the possible sources of misunderstanding. The film talks about all this and about how every place becomes the set of a play in which, against our will, we are the unpaid actors. A work that takes us back to the common condition of our time, which transforms everyone into a migrant in a foreign land.

    2012 Saturday, November 17th, Odeon, 3:00 pm


    Germany 2011 10'
    Directed by: Sylvia Schedelbauer
    Like getting lost in the forest of memories. Sylvia Schedelbauer works with images, Thomas Carnacki with sound. Together, they make a small and powerful film which explores the mechanisms of memory and the collage work that is the basis of every narration. Exploded glass pieces which clink as they fall to the ground.

    2012 Friday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

    Walk With a Guide

    Poland 2009 11'
    Directed by: Maciej Cendrowski
    Remy is a masseur. His being blind doesn’t prevent him from being independent: he walks along the street, he visits his friends, he strolls in the park together with his children. Remy never loses his bearings because, besides an exceptional memory, he has an audio map of the town. His portable recorder contains the sounds of the streets, squares, intersections, and the sounds show him where to go. “When tourists come to town, they get themselves a map. It would be useful if there were also audio maps for the visually impaired”.

    2012 Friday, November 16th, Spazio Uno, 7:00 pm

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