Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival

    Twilight of a Life

    Belgium, Israel 2015 71'
    Directed by: Sylvain Biegeleisen
    When the doctor tells him that for her mother remains a few weeks only to live, Sylvain Biegeleisen decides to share with her her last moments. After all the goodbyes and shed of tears, against all odds and medical predictions, the 94 years old womand with the spirit of a 20 years old reacts and clings to life with joy and optimism. An hymn to love and hope, that never age.

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    2015 Thursday, December 3rd, Spazio Alfieri, 3:00 pm

    Door of Ceuta

    Portugal 2008 110'
    Directed by: Frederico Lobo, Pedro Pinho
    Pedro Pinho and Frederico Lobo invite us to cross “the door of Ceuta,” Bab Septa, and reach the throbbing heart of Africa, from which migrants set off for their journeys. Ours is a journey without rhetoric that exposes what goes behind the scenes of an ordeal of hope and despair, exploitation and violence, courage and desire to live. This story should be followed step by step, leaving commonplaces and your living room behind.

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    2015 Friday, December 4th, Odeon, 3:00 pm


    Turkey 2015 92'
    Directed by: Çayan Demirel, Ertuğrul Mavioğlu
    The film follows the lives of the guerilla of the PKK in three different camps on the Kurdish region that lies within Turkish borders. Bakur introduces us to men and women who have chosen to join the armed resistance in order to create a new future. The documentary challenges the audience to develop a different point of view as it sheds light on this mysterious world. It was the first time that a professional camera got ever access to the camps. The film has been censored in Turkey, where the Istanbul Film Festival was forced to remove it from its program.

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    2015 Tuesday, December 1st, Spazio Alfieri, 10:30 pm


    Italy 2015 70'
    Directed by: Sebastiano Luca Insinga
    May 13th, 1994, came out an album that marked a before and an after in the Italian rock music: Catartica by Marlene Kuntz. Twenty years after the band of Cuneobrings back to the audience all the songs from that album in a tour all over Italy. The film follows the tour of Catartica 994/014 all along the peninsula and tells the story of twenty five years of the band’s career.

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    2015 Tuesday, December 1st, odeon, 9:30 pm


    France, UK 2015 85'
    Directed by: Hervé Martin-Delpierre
    In 2014 Daft are the first electronic music band that won 5 Grammy Awards earning their rightful place in the world history of music. But who are Daft Punk? Daft Punk Unchained, by way of rare footage and testimonies by co-workers and friends, including Pharrell Williams, Giorgio Moroder, and Michel Gondry, portrays the French duo from the Nineties, when, still bare-faced, they began to turn the nightclubbing world upside down until the Grammy Awards ceremony, featuring the two most fa- mous robots of music.

    2015 Thursday, December 3rd, Odeon, 10:30 pm – Free entrance


    USA, China, South Korea 2015 87'
    Directed by: Adam Sjöberg
    Known under a pseudonym that means “without borders,” Sun Mu, a deserter from North Korea, takes his inspiration from his own propaganda activity done before his escape in 1998 and reverses its meaning, giving it new shades. Thus, he creates a form of ‘political pop art.’ In 2014, he was offered a huge, but potentially dangerous opportunity, a solo exhibition in Peking. But during the preparation, even though he worked under cover, there was an unexpected turn of events which jeopardized the life of Sun Mu and his family.

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    2015 Friday, December 4th, Spazio Alfieri, 6:30 pm


    UK 2015 103'
    Directed by: Stevan Riley
    From the beginnings of his fame until the years immediately preceding his death, Marlon Brando realized hundreds of audio recording hours on his own, in abso- lute privacy. Today, these recordings constitute a sort of logbook about his hopes and regrets. Dwelling on events such as his encounter with Stella Adler or the sometimes tragic family torments, the voice of the Hollywood rebel will guide us through archive footage and pictures from the many films in which he starred, contributing to film history.

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    2015 Sunday, November 29th, Odeon, 9:30 pm


    USA 2014 120'
    Directed by: Alex Gibney
    With: James Brown e i suoi musicisti, Mick Jagger, Chuck D, Public Enemy

    The film goes back to the musical career of James Brown departing from his first big hit, Please, Please, Please (1956). The inexhaustible stage energy of the “King of Rhythm and Blues” pervades the narrative. His energy and style influenced musicians and singers such as Public Enemy, Michael Jackson, Prince, and their magic is still working for us. The film uses beautiful archive footage (with much of it still unreleased) and the testimonies of those who worked with Brown and used to know him as both musician and activist for the rights of African-American people. Among these, Mick Jagger, also producer of the film.

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    2015 Saturday, November 28th, Odeon, 9:30 pm

  • MR. GAGA

    Israel, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands 2015 97'
    Directed by: Tomer Heymann
    Ohad Naharin, creator of the movement language “Gaga,” is one of the most important and innovative choreographers in the world. By way of archive footage of Naharin as a young dancer and about private moments with his family, acclaimed documentary film-maker Tomer Heymann pieces together a visceral portrait of Mr. Gaga, covering his first dance steps, the international ballets with Martha Graham and Maurice Béjart, up to the transition to choreography that peaked with his appointment as artistic director of Batsheva, the world-renowned dance company.

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    2015 Friday, November 27th, Odeon, 9:00 pm
    Sunday, November 29th, Odeon, 3:00 pm


    Germany, Myanmar 2015 68'
    Directed by: Andreas Hartmann
    Kyaw Kyaw, a 25-year-old Burmese Punk, pursues the dream of seeing the Punk scene take off in Myanmar. The former military dictatorship carried out a few democratic reforms, but he remains sceptical: in his opinion, the country hasn’t changed yet. Along with the members of his Punk band, he tries to raise the awareness of his people about the persistent violation of human rights. By way of his music and the demonstrations in the streets, he criticizes the ongoing civil war and the persecutions of ethnic minorities. He travels across the country to promote his philosophy among the young generations, i.e. a symbiosis of Buddhism and Punk that rejects religious dictates and political doctrine.

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    2015 Monday, November 30th, Spazio Alfieri, 10:00 pm


    Canada, Spain 2015 79'
    Directed by: Richard Brouillette
    Oncle Bernard, aka Bernard Maris, was killed on January 7th, 2015 in the terrorist attack on the editorial office of “Charlie Hebdo”. What is left of him is his unusual view of economics. In an interview in March 2000 exploring the grey areas of laissez-faire, Oncle Bernard managed to make even the most arid topics intriguing and exposed a worldview that was at once courageous in its originality and close to reality.

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    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Istituto Francese, 6:30 pm


    Germany 2014 94'
    Directed by: Heidi Specogna
    “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” Pepe Mujica became famous in 2010, after being elected Head of State in Uruguay, as the “world’s poorest president” because he refused to live in the presidential palace and gave himself a monthly salary of less than 1,000 Euros. The former guerrilla fighter, now an enthusiastic flower farmer, is considered one of the most charismatic politicians of Latin America. His humble lifestyle and non-conventional manners won him the trust of old and young. His visionary political decisions, including the regulation of the marijuana trade, have aroused curiosity and attention all over the world.

    2015 Saturday, November 28th, Spazio Alfieri, 7:00 pm


    Netherlands 2014 90'
    Directed by: Jos de Putter

    This film portrays the incredible story of Leonardo, a child from a Brazilian favela who became rich and famous as a football player thanks to a film which allowed him to distinguish himself. The director of that film goes back to Brazil with Leonardo to help him face up to his past. Together, they will find a way to get out of the dream and to face a story which resembles in many respects a tragedy.

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    2015 Friday, December 4th, Odeon, 5:30 pm


    Iran 2015 62'
    Directed by: Majed Neisi

    We are in Jorf al-Sakhar, 60 km south of Baghdad. Seyyed Ahmad commands a regiment of volunteers who left their jobs and families to fight against the advance of DA’ESH (ISIS). Everything, from equipment to food, uniforms to weapons, is provided thanks to donations of private citizens. On the day of the battle, Majed Neisi, the author of this war documentary, films the patrol of sappers who – un- der the enemy’s fire – are supposed to open a passage towards the outpost from where an IS group launch their attacks.

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    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Odeon, 9:00 pm

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