Florence November 27th - December 4th 2015

International documentary film festival

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    Italy/Belgium/Qatar 2015 78'
    Directed by: Manu Gerosa
    Ornella and Teresa, two sisters who, after a lifetime spent looking after each other, in the film live their moment of separation, which is also when the secret of a whole existence is unveiled. The confrontation of two opposed characters, bound by a mutual love filled with too many responsibilities, is the setting of a tender and humorous tale by Manu Gerosa, film director and Ornella’s son.

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    2015 Wednesday, December 2nd, Spazio Alfieri, 9:00 pm


    Italy/USA 2015 72'
    Directed by: Valerio Ciriaci
    When on the 12th of August 2012, the municipality of Affile (province of Rome) inaugurates a monument dedicated to Rodolfo Graziani, the fascist general during the 1935-1936 Ethiopian War and first viceroy of the colony, Ethiopians across the world protested. Graziani was found guilty of war crimes for which he never was indicted. If only I were that warrior is a lucid snapshot of a collective unconscious where the noises of history still reverberate.

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    2015 Saturday, November 28th, Spazio Alfieri, 9:00 pm

    The Magic Legacy

    Italy 2015 73'
    Directed by: Laura Cini
    Farmers’ traditions and mundane pleasures live together in a small tourist town in Versilia, Northern Tuscany. The meeting between an old lady with ancestral powers and a young girl wishing to become her spiritual heir becomes the narrative focus of this film which is set in the background of the recent economic crisis and the void of values of a whole generation.

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    2015 Thursday, December 3rd, Spazio Alfieri, 7:00 pm

    Afro-Napoli United

    Italy 2015 75'
    Directed by: Pierfrancesco Li Donni
    Antonio is the president of Afro-Napoli, a team of Neapolitan migrants who are second-generation Italians. Antonio has a dream: to lead his guys into the Federal league. But Lello, Maxime, and Adam don’t have identity documents and the bureaucratic machine stalls on the permits to stay and the certificates of residence. Antonio would do anything to see his team win.

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    2015 Sunday, November 29th, Spazio Alfieri, 8:30 pm

  • Love is All
    Piergiorgio Welby / Autoritratto

    Italy 2015 60'
    Directed by: Francesco Andreotti, Livia Giunti
    In the autumn of 2006, Piergiorgio Welby, who had been ill for years with a severe form of dystrophy, publicly asked the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano to be granted the right to die. A few months later, members of his family and radical activists helped him accomplish his will. Love is All. Piergiorgio Welby/Self-portrait describes the life of the man Welby by way of his works, paintings, books, and photographs.

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    2015 Friday, December 4th, Spazio Alfieri, 5:00 pm


    Italy 2015 73'
    Directed by: Michele Cinque
    In 1917 Nick La Rocca cut the first record in the history of jazz. A Sicilian born in New Orleans at the end of the 19th century, La Rocca, with his Original Dixieland Jazz Band, is the author of Livery Stable Blues, a record which sold more than one million copies. The songs of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, among which Tiger Rag and Clarinet Marmalade, influenced the greatest Black jazz players in the world, among whom Louis Armstrong. The film also stars Roy Paci to pay homage to this great pioneering talent. The archival material melts with the voice of the puppeteer Mimmo Cuticchio with the trumpet of Roy Paci.

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    2015 Sunday, December 29th, Spazio Alfieri, 6:15 pm


    Italy 2015 62'
    Directed by: ZimmerFrei
    Terschelling is a small island of Friesland, a northern region of the Netherlands. Its land was accumulated thanks to a complex system of dikes and embankments. The few inhabitants still living on the island are proud of preserving the land, which is desolate in winter – when only cattle can pasture live there – and crowded with tourists from all over the world during summer.

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    2015 Monday, November 30th, Spazio Alfieri, 8:30 pm

    On Opposing Fields

    Italy 2015 63'
    Directed by: Andrea Fenoglio, Matteo Tortone
    "A man without land is just a man in the hands of increasingly hostile events", say directors Matteo Tortone and Andrea Fenoglio, in charge of the two tales told in the film. Respectively, Il campo, created on the observation of the bodies and movements of Sub-Saharian migrants looking for a job and who are hosted in a reception campo in Northern Italy; Il recinto, focused on the life, thoughts and words of a local farmer whose land was taken away from him.

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    2015 Tuesday, December 1st, Spazio Alfieri, 9:00 pm

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