Florence October 10th – 17th, 2017

International documentary film festival

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    Italy 2017 60'
    Directed by: Silvia Bellotti
    The social housing authority of Naples manages the 40,000 housing units of the city and province. Its offices become the stage of heated verbal combats between the employees, whose task is to apply norms and regulations with impartiality, and the multitudes of applicants who present cases that can hardly, if not inscrutably be solved. The film oscillates between Kafkaesque absurd and the funniest episodes of the Neapolitan comedy with a non-judgmental approach, aiming to show the audience how this ‘bureaucracy of compromise’ works.

    2017 Saturday, October 14th, Spazio Alfieri, 9:00pm


    Italy 2017 54'
    Directed by: Gabriele Licchelli, Santiago Raphael Priego
    In a small village in South Italy, an old hotel of the 1980’s located a few kilometres from the sea, Arca Hotel, shelters fifty migrants who have been waiting for months for the local authority’s ruling on their right to receive their documents. Aged from twenty to thirty, they all come from western Africa and live suspended between the hardships of their past and the uncertainties of the future. A little change breaks their daily routine and they have to face a community that looks at them with suspicion and diffidence.

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    2017 Friday, October 13th, Spazio Alfieri, 8:30pm

    The Last Popstar

    Italy 2017 45'
    Directed by: Claudio Casazza, Stefano Zoja, Carlo Prevosti Monza
    Monza, Italy, March 25th, 2017 – a day among the believers waiting for the Pope. A crowd of over one million people gathers to attend mass. The film describes the preparation for this great event step by step: setting up a stage ten times bigger than those made for rock stars at San Siro stadium, and the work of hundreds of volunteers who control the enormous inflow of people. It looks somewhat like a playground: music, often out of context, inundates the faithful, while the scarves flapping are reminiscent of those of soccer team supporters. A film about religion in our times, in which silence is not contemplated.

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    2017 Sunday, October 15th, Spazio Alfieri, ore 09:00pm

    Tempting Promises

    Italy 2017 74'
    Directed by: Chiara Campara, Lorenzo Faggi
    Esino Lario is a small village in the Alps at the border of Italy and Switzerland. It is a quiet, isolated site; the only foreigners are a group of refugees sheltered in an old hotel, waiting for political asylum. In 2016, the village hosted an international event about the World Wide Web and digital culture, i.e. the annual gathering of Wikipedia volunteers. The film follows the preparations over the months prior to the event. While some get involved, others show indifference or open hostility, revealing a society that is split between modernity and tradition, openness and narrowmindedness.

    2017 Thursday, October 12th, Spazio Alfieri, 8:30pm


    Italia, Switzerland 2017 75'
    Directed by: Paolo Barberi, Riccardo Russo
    What is the most heavily bombed country in History? A country that never formally entered a war, Laos. Between 1964 and 1973, during the Vietnam war, the American air force carried out over 500.000 bombing missions over Laos, drop- ping more than 2 million tons of explosives over the country. Forty years later, everything has changed in Laos, but people’s lives are still deeply affected by the omnipresence of war remnants. The unexploded ordnance now represents a danger and a resource. The film is a journey into the contradictions of today’s wars, in which the remains of the conflict always outlive the conflict itself.

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    2017 Wednesday, October 11th, Spazio Alfieri, 9:00pm

    Felicity Road

    Italy 2017 68'
    Directed by: Martina di Tommaso
    Elisa has always lived in Via della Felicità, Felicity Road, the main street of Enziteto, a sort of ghetto on the outskirts of Bari. It is a wasteland lacking in facilities or hope. One day, Elisa decides to move to Bonn, Germany, where her sister lives and other people in the same neighbourhood have created a small colony. However, her son Anthony does not want to quit the place where he was born and raised. Determined to find her fulfilment, Elisa will manage to convince the boy to join her in the dreamland where she moved by herself, but will also find out that the new life is nothing like she imagined.

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    2017 Saturday, October 14th, Spazio Alfieri, 7:30pm

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