Florence November 3rd - 10th 2018

International documentary film festival


    Spain, France 2018 84'
    Directed by: Sofia Escudè, Liliana Torres

    In 2015, the Syrian refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen and his son were insulted and tripped by a Hungarian journalist. The video of the incident shocked the whole world. As Osama Abdul unwillingly became the symbol of unfair treatment toward migrants, Hyatt tells the touching story of Osama, his divided family and other young migrants Syrians whose best years have been obscured by the war.

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    2018 Sunday, November 4th, La Compagnia, 6:30pm


    France 2018 95'
    Directed by: Julien Faraut

    “Cinema lies, sport doesn’t”. This quote from Jean-Luc Godard ushers us into the Roland Garros of the early eighties with tennis player number one: John McEnroe. An educational 16mm movie reveals the problematic coexistence between a per fectionist champion and perfectible referees, a greedy audience, and a film crew who wanted to capture any move of the ill-tempered American tennis player.

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    2018 Monday, November 5th, La Compagnia, 9:30pm


    Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, Norway 2018 75'
    Directed by: Dieudo Hamadi

    Homage to Stephan Riguet, International Jury

    Christian, Ben, and Jean-Marie are three activists struggling for political change and free elections in their country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Twitting and posting on Facebook is not enough. Concrete actions are necessary, but how to choose between dialogue with politicians and people’s uprising? Kinshasa Makambo carries us into the centre of the debate and the dilemmas of the young Africans who want change at all costs, including bullets, prison, and exile.

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    2018 Saturday, November 10th, La Compagnia, 4:30pm


    Brazil, Netherlands 2018 140'
    Directed by: Maria Ramos

    A look behind the scenes of the trial of Dilma Rousseff, the first woman president of Brazil who, in the struggle to prove her innocence, becomes the symbol of the search for democracy in the country. A story of betrayal and corruption, through the personal story of Rousseff: imprisoned and tortured by the former military dictatorship, now she faces the impeachment. With the extraordinary energy of a political thriller, the director films the process that led to the dismissal of Rousseff and the subsequent collapse of the democratic institutions of Brazil.

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    2018 Thursday, November 8th, Spazio Alfieri, 3:30pm


    Germany 2018 89'
    Directed by: Sebastian Winkels

    In collaboration with Fondazione Finanza Etica

    A look behind the scenes of modern banking: from Bolivia to Pakistan, Benin to Switzerland, we take a look at 15 confidential meetings between bank customers and bank consultants. A personal business relationship evolves: questions are asked, opinions expressed, doubts discussed and decisions reached. The consultation table is a stage for confessions and masquerades, a place where values are negotiated and currencies exchanged. Isn’t it strange to discuss highly personal financial matters with a person you barely know?

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    2018 Friday, November 9th, Spazio Alfieri, 6:30pm


    Netherlands 2018 75'
    Directed by: Jeroen van Velzen

    On board a train that links the suburbs of the capital, the stories of a few travellers, immersed in a lively, colourful humankind that is poor but dignified are the emblem of a country at full speed: Tanzania. Villagers – the people most tied to tradition – look amazed and a bit suspiciously at the lures of the big city. The faith of the destitute must overcome the temptations of superstition. The life of a single woman is never easy, at any latitude. In this film, entirely devoted to the travel theme, the landscape seen from the train windows is the leading character.

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    2018 Saturday, November 10th, La Compagnia, 6:00pm


    Portugal 2018 82'
    Directed by: Leonor Teles

    Homage to Filipa Reis, International Jury

    On the banks of the Tejo, in Portugal, a man lives between the tranquillity of the river and his relationship with the land. Shot over the four seasons, Terra Franca portrays the life of Portuguese fisher Albertino, his wife Dalia, and their daughters, with the elder who is about to get married. The end of a life cycle from the point of view of a solitary, kind fisherman.

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    2018 Wednesday, November 7th, La Compagnia, 5:15pm


    Sweden 2017 83'
    Directed by: Hogir Hirori

    On the fields of a thousand battles – the martyred roads and houses of Kurdistan – Colonel Fakhir Berwari has become an expert in disarming deadly explosive device swith the only help of a resolute gesture and ‘streamlined equipment:’ electrician’s pliers. On their retreat, the enemy left behind millions of armed mines. Placing minefields takes a few seconds; clearing them is a work from hell.

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    2018 Saturday, November 3rd, La Compagnia, 6:30pm


    USA 2018 90'
    Directed by: Liz Garbus

    The first 100 days among those that U.S. president Donald J. Trump has defined “enemies of the people”. A continuous flow of breaking news, unbroken tension, the FBI leaks, the contact with Russian executives, dangerous investigations, and many debates before getting to a news item. This extraordinary film carries us, unfiltered, into the trenches of American information, i.e. The New York Times editorial offices, between reporting and the defence of democracy.

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    2018 Thursday, November 8th, La Compagnia, 9:30pm


    USA, Canada 2017 63'
    Directed by: Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Guy Maddin

    Starting from the idea of rewriting Hitchcock’s Vertigo using old films and television series set in San Francisco, the film turns into an experimental portrait of the city, with the soundtrack of the Kronos Quartet. Disturbing and ironic at the same time, the film moves among the different layers of cinema, playing with the audience on different cinema references: from Bullitt to Vertigo, from Chuck Norris to Chris Marker.

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    2018 Tuesday, November 6th, Spazio Alfieri, 10:15pm


    USA, Spain 2018 95'
    Directed by: Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar

    Produced, among others, by Pedro Almodovar, the film reveals the epic struggle of the victims of the Spanish dictatorship under General Franco, who are still seeking justice. Filmed for over six years, we follows the survivors in the organization of the Argentine Cause against the crimes of Francoism. Forty years after the ‘Pact of Forgetting,’ this film gets back to one of the darkest pages of Spanish history like a compelling legal thriller, taking a necessary step if one is to understand contemporary Spain.

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    2018 Friday, November 9th, Spazio Alfieri, 10:00pm


    France 2018 105'
    Directed by: Nicolas Champeaux, Gilles Porte

    Between 1963 and 1964, Nelson Mandela was at the centre of a trial that is now history. Along with eight comrades, he stood accused of act of sedition and terrorism against the South-African government. This kind of charges were punishable by death. In 2016, the audio recordings of the trial were declassified. The State Against Mandela & the Others resurrects the trial’s crucial phases by way of the actual voices of those involved, accompanied by animation sequences and comments of those who are still alive. An important chapter in the history of human rights.

    2018 Sunday, November 4th, La Compagnia, 9:00pm


    Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina 2017 72'
    Directed by: Biljana Tutorov

    Homage to Biljana Tutorov, International Jury

    Dragoslava has four TV sets, three grandchildren, two best friends, and a husband with whom she fights over a remote control. She has lived in five countries without ever moving from her flat in a small borderline town. The media and politics creep into the family intimacy but she reflects about it with humour and determination. Our every single gesture, from getting up in the morning onward, is an act of responsibility which starts to change the world.

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    2018 Saturday, November 10th, La Compagnia, 3:00pm

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