Florence November 2nd – 9th 2019

International documentary film festival

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Festival dei Popoli

International documentary film festival

Festival Director

  • Alberto Lastrucci

Deputy Artistic Director

  • Claudia Maci


  • Sandra Binazzi


  • Martina Santoro

Selection Committee

  • Claudia Maci, Coordinator (+)

    Claudia Maci

    Claudia Maci Claudia Maci graduated in Film History and Criticism at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Perugia and she specialized in "Communication des Organisations" at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. She collaborates with the Festival dei Popoli since 2005 as head of the Programming Office. In 2006 and 2007 she was the curator of the Italian Competition of the Festival. She is a member of the Selection Committee since 2006 and has collaborated with the New York Documentary Film Festival from 2008 to 2010. Since 2012 she has coordinated the program, the Selection Committee of the Festival and the relationships with partners.

    For the Festival dei Popoli she has curated the following sections and retrospectives: 2013 - Etudes sur une ville: Paris; 2014 - Journeys to Italy with Vincent Dieutre, The Trades of Cinema: Homage to Dominique Auvray; 2015 - The Trades of Cinema: Homage to Wojciech Staroń (in collaboration with Sandra Binazzi), Ali in the Cit. Contemporary Migrations Patterns: Drifts and Destinations (in collaboration with Vittorio Iervese).

  • Sandra Binazzi (+)

    Sandra Binazzi

    Sandra Binazzi graduated in Contemporary History in Florence and has a master's degree in literary translation and editing in Siena. She had professional experiences abroad in the field of cultural events (New York, Madrid). From 2008 to 2010 she worked at the Festival dei Popoli as Head of Hospitality and in the programming office of NYDFF - New York Documentary Film Festival. Since 2011 she curates the Festival catalogue and brochure, coordinates the program, the relationships with partners, and is part of the Selection Committee. From 2009 to 2016 she also worked for the Venice Film Festival as Orizzonti Jury’s Secretary. For the Festival dei Popoli she has recently curated the “Born to Be a Writer” series and (together with Claudia Maci) and The Trades of Cinema: homage to Wojciech Staron (2015).

  • Daniele Dottorini (+)

    Daniele Dottorini

    Daniele Dottorini is researcher at the University of Calabria and member of the editorial board of "Fata Morgana", "Filmcritica", "Sentieri Selvaggi". He worked for several International Film Festivals and since 2008 he has been a member of the Festival dei Popoli selection committee. For Festival dei Popoli he curated the retrospectives: 2009 – The feeling of being there. 1958-1965: 7 years of Documentary Cinema, 2011 - Swimming in a Sea of Images: The Cinema of Isaki Lacuesta, 2012 – El Documental y yo: The Cinema of Andres Di Tella, 2015 - Images of the Verb To Love: the documentaries of Mary Jiménez (in collaboration with Carmen Zinno). He is the author of several monographies and researches on Lynch (Genoa, 2004), Renoir (Rome, 2007), Cameron (Pisa, 2013). His fields of study are Film Theory and Documentary Cinema. He recently curated the volume: Per un cinema del reale. Forme e pratiche del documentario italiano contemporaneo (Udine, 2013). He wrote the definition of the word “Nemico” for Lessico del cinema italiano (2015).

  • Silvio Grasselli (+)

    Silvio Grasselli

    Silvio Grasselli Silvio Grasselli has a PhD in Film Studies from the Fil.Co.Spe. of Roma Tre University with which he still collaborates. He is programmer for various festivals, vice-director of DocSS (International Urban Film Festival) and vice-president of the CSC - Film Studies Center in Rome. He teaches at the school for Higher Education in Contemporary Visual Arts at the Fondazione Fotografia in Modena. His essays have been published in Italy by Marsilio, Lindau, Kaplan, Fondazione Ente Spettacolo and others; His texts have also been published in the Netherlands, Portugal and Chile.

    He is a member of the Selection Committee of Festival dei Popoli since 2012 for which he curated the experimental section Sui Generis (2014-2015), and the retrospectives Father and Son: a Journey into Cinema (2013) dedicated to Marcel Łozinski e Paweł Łozinski (together with Vittorio Iervese) and In the Battlefield: the Cinema of Danielle Arbid (2016).

  • Vittorio Iervese (+)

    Vittorio Iervese

    Vittorio Iervese Vittorio Iervese is currently researcher of Sociology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and member of the Department of Studies on Language and Culture. His research activity has essentially focused on the following areas: Visual Culture, Visual Sociology, Conflict Management, Intercultural Communication, Social Participation, Sociology of Children, Cultural Projects. He is currently involved in an international research project about the use of images to build narrative memories (SHARMED. Shared memory and dialogue).

    He curated several publications about Visual arts and documentary cinema and he is a member of the Selection Committee of Festival dei Popoli since 2007. For Festival dei Popoli he curated the following retrospectives: 2009 – Thomas Heise: Materials of Time (in collaboration with Giona A. Nazzaro), 2013 - Father and Son: a Journey into Cinema (with Silvio Grasselli), 2014 - Like Every Grain of Sand: The Cinema of Jos De Putter; 2015 - Alì in the City. Contemporary Migrations Patterns: Drifts and Destinations (in collaboration with Claudia Maci).

  • Alberto Lastrucci (+)

    Alberto Lastrucci

    Alberto Lastrucci was born in Florence (Italy) in 1968.

    During his studies at the University of Florence, he started working with the Festival dei Popoli - International Documentary Film Festival - being the curator of the catalogue and of some retrospectives. In the following years he joined the Selection Committee and was festival coordinator from 2006 until 2010. In 2011 he was appointed co-director, along with Maria Bonsanti.

    In 2012 he was appointed director of the Festival dei Popoli. Since then the festival has organized several retrospectives and tributes to filmmakers of international fame such as: Raymond Depardon, Andres Di Tella, Marcel Łozinski, Paweł Łozinski, Jos de Putter, Vincent Dieutre, Mary Jimenez, Wojciech Staroń, Danielle Arbid, Sergio Oksman.

    He was member of the Jury in the following film festival: BIFF - Busan International Film Festival (2016 edition), Jihlava IDFF (2015 edition), Etnofilm Festival (2014 edition), Siciliambiente (2014 edition).

  • Pinangelo Marino (+)

    Pinangelo Marino

    Pinangelo Marino, studied philosophy. He writes documentaries and published tales. He is a freelance editor. He curated TV broadcasts dedicated to documentaries.

    He directs "Quaderno del Cinemareale", a six-monthly magazine dedicated to film projects and reflections on cinema.

    He is a member of the Selection Committee of Festival dei Popoli since 2013.

  • Elisa Scarpa (+)

    Elisa Scarpa

    Elisa Scarpa, Elisa Scarpa is about to graduate in Scienze della Cultura at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Since 2014 she’s been collaborating with the association Voice Off Modena, following the curation of the documentary film festival Astradoc Modena for five editions. In 2016 she also curated the organization of the Gimme Shelter Film Festival. She started her collaboration with Festival dei Popoli in 2015, as head of the Accreditation Office, and became part of the Selection Committee in 2017.

  • Carmen Zinno (+)

    Carmen Zinno

    Carmen Zinno graduated in Mass Communication and in Cultural Anthropology. Since 2005 she collaborates with some associations in the organization an exhibition of Italian documentary film. since 2012, she is a member of the Selection Committee of the Festival dei Popoli. She curated (together with Daniele Dottorini) the retrospective Images of the Verb to Love: The Documentary of Mary Jimenez at the 56th Festival dei Popoli. She studies Dramaturgy and Screenplay at the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio d'Amico".